Not Yer Momma's Hairspray!

Remember back in the day of the "football helmet," or the "rats nest" hair? Or maybe you remember styling some crunchy "wings" on the sides of your hair? In those days, you would be in some serious hurt, or have the worst hair day ever, if your hair was not permanently cemented into place.

With all the new technology available, you would think they could develop something that keeps your style in place, but lets your hair move. Something that can last all day but doesn't completely defy the law of gravity. Well, great news! There is something...

Most of my customers already know this, but there is a hairspray that actually has style memory. Not sure what memory has to do with hair? Well, style memory means that the hair can be set to go back into place, even after it's been messed up, after you've walked through a wind storm, or after whatever else may happen to your hair during the day. Style memory means that you can still get it back into the style that you started with.

I know plenty of companies are claiming they have style memory in their products lately, but L'Oreal Professionnel's Infinium hairspray really does have the most superior memory available on the market. What these other companies are claiming doesn't even compare to the real thing! Plus, it doesn't feel like hairspray. It's amazing! And, it really works. (No, I do not work for them.)

With the softer styles of today, you can really have the best of both worlds. It can hold a style all day, but it's also touchable and soft. So, your hair can look sexy, and not feel nasty. Once again, I reiterate, touchable. Come on, really, no one wants to touch stiff, sticky hair no matter how great it looks.

Some of the other benefits are added shine and heat protectant. That means you can protect your hair while you style with your blow dryer or irons. It is the best hairspray I have ever used. And I've tried them all. Believe me. You should see some of my middle school photos.

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