Good Hair Is A Choice

Happy New Year everyone! (Lateness not my fault. Enough said.) I hope you all set lofty goals to improve yourself. I know I have!

During the holidays, I got to spend some rare time with a few of my family members. It is always great to be around them. I get to relax and catch up with everyone, including my nieces and nephews (all 25 of them). Speaking of nieces...

A few months ago, one of my nieces won a makeover from a local cosmetology school in Idaho. They took her dark brunette hair to a sassy blonde and cut her long hair into a cute, short, piecey A-Line. I think they even did it/showed it off at the high school. And, kudos to them. I hear it was cute. And such a big change. So fun!

Well... fun for like two weeks. Then, reality set in. Her roots started to show. Dark. And then it got interesting. A few weeks later those dark roots didn't look so great next to the blonde ends. So my niece (shame on her!) agreed to let a friend "fix it" for her. They bought some brown haircolor that matches her natural hair to cover up the blonde. Seems good. Should fix it, right? In their minds, brown beats blonde. (Because color theory is really just a rock-paper-scissors game where the stronger/darker color wins?)

Long story short, she turned out purple-ish with some fuschia highlights. Really, the purple isn't as bad as what I usually see when people attempt this same feat themselves. It's usually green or grey. But still, not at all what she thought she was going to get when she put on the brown color. By the time I saw her at Christmas, it was a red/orange color. Also not attractive.
As I got after her and my sister for not going to a professional to get it fixed (I mean, I know it's a drive down here to see me. But really, not even a phone call?), something dawned on me. I realized...

Good hair is a choice.

If you choose to do something drastic, you need to be willing to keep it up. Or, if it was just for fun, then you need to spend the money to get it professionally fixed. A layperson is not going to be able to fix it as well as a professional can. And, to be completely honest, not all professionals will be able to fix it either. But, at least a professional stylist will usually be connected to a salon that will do all they can to get it right. Even if it means calling over a manager or a more experienced colorist to help out. I know it looks so simple. It seems so simple. But it really isn't.

If you choose not to spend the money, then don't make the drastic changes. Especially when it comes to color. Stick with the subtle. I would take plain old boring, healthy, natural hair ANY DAY over poorly colored hair. I can always tell if someone has done their own color. ALWAYS. You are never fooling a real colorist. And, in the end, it is sooooo much more expensive to correct bad color than it is to pay for good color in the first place.

Good hair is a choice. Choose wisely. Enough said.

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