More Choices

I'm bugged. I read all these beauty magazines, geared to help you become a better, more beautiful you. I can't help but notice that a lot of them say there is no difference between grocery store hair products and professional hair products. Or they give suggestions on "cheaper" products which are supposed to make your hair shiny, healthy, and stronger.

To me, this is another case of Good Hair is a Choice. They're not the same. And if you suspect they are, you have probably never used professional products.

If you don't care about the explanation, just read this next sentence and then skip the next three paragraphs... Here is the difference: Hair does not shine, feel, move, last or look as good when you use cheaply made products.

(Now, I must include an explanation that what used to be fine or so-so professional brands "back in the day," may not be what I consider a professional brand in the modern age. Some brands, although considered "professional" brands, are really just not professional any more. They're old. Developed with old technologies. Obsolete. Sadly, some salons still thrive on these brands and people still buy them because they are often the most recognized names in the business. I won't list those here, but if you come in and ask me, I will tell you which ones they are.)

Professional products are acid balanced. Why does that matter? Your skin and scalp have a protective barrier on the surface which has a pH of 4.5 to 5.5 on the scale. Anything else that's higher on the pH scale will dry out your scalp and hair. That includes brands that claim to be "pH Balanced." Those register around a 7 on the scale.

Because most people don't want dry scalp and hair, manufacturers of the cheaper brands mask this problem by adding other ingredients to disguise the fact that the non-acid-balanced cleansers have stripped this protective coating off. These ingredients include waxes, chemicals, conditioning agents, and even medications.

So, why do manufacturers use these harsh cleansers in the first place? Because they are cheaper. So the finished product is cheaper for consumers. And because some people care about cheap more than they care about beauty.

Now, to be honest. That's okay with me. If someone chooses to invest their money somewhere besides their hair, I can live with that. I can respect that. But don't pretend you're gonna get the same result as the person who chooses to invest in their hair. And don't complain that you're not getting the same result. It's the same with electronics, or clothing, or anything else you can purchase.

Still not sure there's a difference? Well, let me tell you a little story. A true story. I ACTUALLY SAW THIS DONE at a hair show before. I saw a stylist perform a PERM without any perm solution. Instead, they used a grocery store shampoo. One of the top selling ones. That tells you a little about the chemical makeup of that shampoo. (End of story. I told you it was a little story.)

Professional products are not only made differently, they are tested by salons. Stylists who do hair all day long have to put their stamp of approval on a product before it is released for sale. Another reason to buy products from your stylists is because you want to get the same look that they get with your hair. Doesn't it make sense to do what they are are doing? Enough said.

Let me just finish by telling you about my mom. A great lady. I love her. But she is someone who DOES NOT spend frivolously, or even generously, especially on herself. She had seven children. That's how you manage. Professional hair products were not introduced into our household until I went to hair school. I started buying her professional products. She used them. And she probably didn't notice any difference at the time. But then she went on a little trip and she forgot to take them with her. So, out of convenience (but mostly out of old beliefs), she ran to the grocery store and bought herself some shampoo and conditioner. Well, I got a phone call from her the next day telling me that she "gets it" now. It was her worst hair day in years. Her hair felt dry. And yucky. She's A BELIEVER to this day. Amen to that, mom. Amen to that.


  1. So...even though you can't give us examples of BAD shampoo/conditioner...can you give us GOOD examples?

  2. There are many lines that I would recommend...

    I think the absolute best professional line that's available right now is Serie Expert. I get to try nearly every brand and, although I've found some that come close, I have yet to find anything that is equal when it comes to moisture and repair.

    But, I also like Joico K-Pak, Unite, Moroccanoil, Pureology, Kenra, and KMS. I also think Aveda does a great job of staying current in their technology.

    If you are currently using lower end grocery store shampoos, even jumping to the low-to-mid range professional products will make a difference in your hair. Those lines would be things like Matrix, Redken, Sexy Hair, Bed Head, Paul Mitchell, etc.