Beauty Week on "Light Refreshments Served"

If you haven't visited the "Light Refreshments Served" blog before... why not?! But this week there's even more reason to check it out.

My fabulous and talented friend Lisa is one of their writers, and this week she's writing about beauty -- and letting me help her. Not only will there be great beauty tips all week long, but we'll be giving away some big prizes. A prize each day for six days!

So, what are you still doing on my blog? Get outta here! Go win some stuff! Click this link...

{4/19/09: Although the Beauty Week giveaways have ended, you can still see all of the beauty tips by visiting the link.}


  1. Linked over to you from LRS. So glad to hear you say that about backcombing! I think it is so weird. Especially now that I have moved out of Utah and nobody does it anywhere else.

    I wish you lived in Austin!

  2. Thanks for your comment. Glad you can relate. I wish I lived in Austin too sometimes. What a fun city!