Don't Shampoo Every Day? This Post Is For You.

I am definitely a "wash-my-hair-every-single-day" kind of gal. Don't like the grease. Can't stand the smell of day old scalp. But, this weekend, I willingly sacrificed for your sake. Generous, I know. As promised to those of you who follow us on Twitter, here are the results of my personal test of the new 7Seconds Dry Shampoo by Unite...

I tried it. And I was really IMPRESSED. It's a good product. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not going to change my habits, mind you. But, if I were in a bind, I would definitely want this product on my side.

For those of you that are confused by the words 'dry' and 'shampoo': This is a dry aerosol that helps mop up oil and take away the smells in your hair so that you don't have to wash it. (Think truck drivers, campers, sick people, people who go clubbin' in smoke-filled joints all night then have to get up and go to work in the morning and don't have time to shower, and any others who just don't want to wash their hair, for whatever reason.)

My hair gets super oily on Day 2. I can't stand not washing (& conditioning) my hair every day. So I figured I would be a good test case for this product.

I sprayed in the 7Seconds Dry Shampoo and, as the instructions said, did a 'light dusting motion' with my other hand. It actually worked well enough that my hair didn't look wet any more. (Sick, I know.) I probably wouldn't wear my hair down, but I could wear a decent ponytail and my bangs looked fairly normal. Also my head didn't itch and, personally, I didn't "feel" like I hadn't washed it.

The night before I tried it out, I did some serious cooking and had all sorts of smoke/meat/onion smells stuck in my hair. After using the dry shampoo, it had a nice fresh baby powder scent. I was extremely impressed with this. I'm guessing it would be a great item for campers. Get out that smoke smell. And I guess all of you clubbers out there too.

Anyway, would I recommend this product? Absolutely!

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