Part Two: Feeling Tired. Setting A New Goal.

Thanks for your emails! Here are a few ladies who want to relax and try something new also.

Jamie - She said, "If I had the money I would try them all... I don't think I would complain about any treatment." But the thing she's most curious to try is a hot stone massage. Now that's my kind of relaxation too!

Melissa - She told me, "I've really wanted to try one of those temporary texture treatments in my hair to see how it looks. It sounds like fun to have curly hair for awhile!" She can relax getting the treatment, and then relax every day when she doesn't have to spend so much time on her hair!

Stephanie - Her email said, "I would do the body wrap. Totally. I've never had one before." Two great minds think alike!

Kimberly Anne - She said, "I would love to try a facial! I hear they are wonderful!" She's right. They are wonderful!

We are going to treat them to their dream services. Can't wait to hear what they think. Off to accomplish my goal too! See you soon ladies.

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  1. Will you tell Stephanie to please tell us what she thinks of the wraps? I've been dying to try one, but haven't heard what anyone thinks of them! LOVE YOU CULTURES!!!