Pedi Love

We love hearing from other bloggers who've tried our products. Here's a darling blog from mom-to-be Kris who wrote about winning one of our pedicure kits. Thanks for the love Kris, and keep up the great blog!


  1. It would be fun if you would start posting pictures of haircuts you've done. It would be great to see what you can do and get ideas for new cuts and color. You could maybe just ask your customers for permission to post their "after" picture on your blog.

  2. So true! We have a camera here, but always forget (or get too busy) to take pics. We've been talking lately about having some of our hair clients send us their own photos after they leave and posting them on our facebook page ('good hair' section) for others to see. We've found that many of them are taking pictures after getting their hair done anyway. Thanks for the idea!

  3. I won a package via Kris, and I'm finally blogging about it! I love love love the products, especially the fragrace (fried ice cream)!!

    Thanks so much!