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We just received a new shipment of bettybeauty products, including the new READY betty (hair removal kit). So, we thought it might be a good time to post some information about the kits, and answer some of the questions that we frequently get about betty products.

What is bettybeauty?
bettybeauty is a line of haircolor products which allow you to safely color 'the hair down there' in the privacy of your own home.

Do people really do that?
Yes, they do. There are primarily three categories of use: (1) colors for people who want to match their 'betty' to their regular hair color - black, brown, auburn, blonde; (2) colors for people who want to cover their graying betty; (3) fun colors for people who want to try a vibrant or specialty color - pink, red, orange, lilac, blue. We also believe there is a strong fourth category of buyers: people who like to give bettybeauty as a gift - white elephant, 40th birthday, bridal shower, etc.

Why is bettybeauty safer than using regular hair dye?
Unlike regular hair dyes, betty color is specially formulated so it's safe to use down there. It contains natural ingredients, skin conditioners, and doesn't have a harsh chemical smell. The safe, no-drip formula won't run into sensitive areas.

Will the color rub off?
No. Even perspiration and physical activity will not affect betty color.

What is the new READY betty kit?
They call it the "Ultimate Styling Kit for Down There." READY betty is a hair removal kit that includes everything you need to trim, remove and shape the hair down there. It's a perfect fit for people who don't like waxing, or those who prefer to do their own hair removal. And, not only is it made to be safe for sensitive areas, it also has a revolutionary NO BAD SMELL cream hair remover. So you don't have to put up with the nasty odor of typical hair removal lotions. The kit is easy to use and has multiple applications.

How much does bettybeauty cost?
We sell our kits for only $14.99 each. They can be shipped just about anywhere, or you can pick them up at our salon.

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