Quick Tip: Got a bad case of the flyaways?

We are seeing A LOT of static coming into the salon lately. Ever wonder what causes it? Simply put: If you have static, you are lacking moisture.

Static in the hair is very common in the winter months because it is dry and the cold air makes it even more so. In addition, taking hats and scarfs on and off can cause some serious static in your tresses.

How can it be fixed? Moisture.

Most often the culprit is the wrong kind of shampoo. Look for a professional (salon) shampoo that will add the moisture you need, and avoid shampoos that strip the hair of natural moisture and oils. I recommend Serie Expert's Intense Repair Shampoo. It is the best around! Having a great moisturizing conditioner can also help, but only if the shampoo isn't working against what the conditioner is trying to do. So, I always recommend that my clients start with a good shampoo first.

If you really don't want to part with your shampoo, a quick fix to temporarily alleviate the problem is to spray some shine spray and work it through the hair. This will reduce static in the moment, but will not solve the problem for good.

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