We are excited to announce that we have become a Test Salon for L'Oreal Professionnel!

What does that mean? Well, since you asked...

That means that we test shampoos, conditioners, and hair products that they are developing and give our feedback about those particular products to the L'Oreal Professionnel research team.

This is a great opportunity for our salon and keeps us on the cutting edge of what is developing in the industry. We get to preview these new technologies and let the company know whether we think it is a good fit for our customers. What a way to be in touch with your consumers by using test salons from around the country! We are honored to be chosen as one of the select few.

Recently, we gave our feedback on part of their eco-friendly line. Right now, we are testing a new product category. We are really excited about the results and we hope this one makes it through to launch so we can tell you all about it. ;)


  1. Way cool! Way to go Cultures! They need to come up with something marvelous for my out of control curly hair! It gets all frizzy and dry by the end of the day. Yuck! :) Love your salon!

  2. Thanks Kim! You're so nice.

    You do have crazy curls, but they sure are cute. Remember... condition, condition, condition (and a Powerdose every month or two)!

    Of course, you already know that. You've been curly your whole life. See you again soon!