We are soooooo excited!
(Was that enough o's to demonstrate how excited we are?)

One of the great things introduced at the Peerless Spring Hair Show was from Creative Nail Design. It is called Shellac. You've probably seen it in nearly every beauty magazine or heard the talk online. This is a nail polish that cures under the UV lamp. The first of it's kind. And it's crazy popular.

Why is this so great? Because you can get your pedicure or manicure, then get your nails polished, and then leave with them completely dry and looking fabulously shiny. Best of all, it lasts! Shellac wears for 14 days on the hands and over a month on the feet, and still looks shiny and freshly polished. Previously, you could only get that kind of wearability by having artificial nails, which can feel bulky and require a lot of maintenance. Shellac feels just like a regular nail polish, but it's ultra shiny and made to last. When it's time to change polish, Shellac can be easily removed with 10 minutes of soaking - no drilling, filing, or damage to your natural nails!

Love having polished nails on your hands but your polish chips in like a day? Get Shellac and you will look great for 2 weeks. Come try it!

Shellac alone is $30
With a manicure or pedicure, it is only $15
Want more info? Check out this video from CND:

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