Summer Prep Time

Now is the perfect time to start waxing for the up and coming summer months. Get ready now for all those summer shorts and days spent in the dreaded swimsuit. At least there is one thing you won't have to worry about... If you start a waxing program now, it will dramatically slow down the growth process, so you will have less maintenance in the summer.

It takes a few times of waxing to catch up to all cycles of hairgrowth, which is why it is best to start your program early. A great way to judge if your hair is long enough to wax is to pull out a strand with tweezers. If the hair underneath that you just pulled out is as long as the hair on the outside surface, then it is ready to wax. In general, it usually takes about a weeks worth of growth to have enough to wax. Waxing slows down the growth process, it thins the hair out, and it can lighten up the color and texture of the hair. Now is also the perfect time to start because it is still chilly, so no wearing those precious shorts or capris just yet!

If you don't want to go the route of waxing, bettybeauty has just come out with the readybetty hair removal product that is safe to use in those very sensitive areas (bikini) and works much better and lasts longer than those other hair removal products. And, you can do this in the privacy of your own shower. (The kit also comes with stencils, if you become daring and adventurous!)

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