Fall Trends

Have you heard the word ombre? If not, now you have. You may as well learn it, because you are going to see it all over the place as a trend for fall. It's a French word, an adjective, that means shaded or graduated in tone. It is used to describe colors that are, well, shaded or graduated in tone. In fashion and beauty, it can be applied to a shading technique in makeup, clothing, or hair. And it looks perfectly gorgeous when done correctly.

Bright red lips, or orange, or pink are in style for fall. I mean bright! If you want to try this technique, make your eye makeup subtle while you play up your lips. If you're nervous to go all out with the lipstick, try a bright lip gloss. It may be easier for you to pull off because it won't feel like a solid block of color.

In nail color, we are seeing several versions of blue-greens and teals and, yes, they are for the fingers, not just the toes! Nail art is making a comeback as well. Shorter, square(ish) nails are still in style. Creative Nail has started a great trend of layering nail polish to achieve different looks. So fun! Also, Shellac is going huge, huge, huge all over the world!

In fashion, you have probably seen plaid. Lots and lots of plaid. Wouldn't that be cute on your toes? Just sayin.

Blowouts are all the rage in bigger cities. That is a service where you go to the salon for a shampoo and style only. There are even shops opening up that do just blowout services. I'm sure we will see this trend come to fruition in our local area a bit later, but how fun will that be? Look for those blowout services to be 'tweaked' on our menu soon.

There, I gave you a few more reasons to be excited for fall.

{Side Note: Apologies to Michelle, who actually gave you these new ideas to be excited for fall back in, uhmm, July or August. I just barely got around to posting them. Now hurry and take her advice, before all of your friends do!}

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