8 Things You Didn't Know About Moroccanoil Products

Most of you know about their signature oil product called Moroccanoil, but here are a few things that you may not know about the rest of their product line...

The hairspray is progessive. The more you use, the stronger the hold.

The hairspray can be used with heat (before curling iron, flat iron, blow dryer) and is similar to Infinium (where you don't really feel it in the hair).

The shimmer spray adds shine, but it is also a UV protectant for the hair.

Spray the shimmer spray on your hair before swimming and it will protect your hair from chlorine. No turning your blondes green with this product!

The shimmer spray can be sprayed on the body to brighten up dull-looking tattoos. Random I know, but we've tried it and it really works.

We can mix the oil with your color service before applying it to the hair. It doesn't affect the outcome of your color, but it protects the hair and keeps it in even better condition ($5 add-on).

The shampoo and conditioner are free of sulfates, which is great for keeping your color service looking fresh.

Moroccanoil makes 2 deep conditioning treatments that target specific needs; One for adding strength and one for adding moisture.


  1. I've only used the Moroccan oil itself...but it sounds like I need to give the other products a try. Have you tried Pureology? Any thoughts on that?

  2. [Thanks for your question - Sorry about the delay!]

    You would probably love the whole Moroccanoil line. All of their products have argan oil and make the hair feel great. You'll notice more benefit as you use the products (even just the oil) for several days consecutively.

    About Pureology, yes I've tried it. Our salon reps tried hard to get us to carry it here, but we decided against it, as we didn't feel it outperformed the Serie Expert line that we have. But I do think it's a good quality line, comparable to Moroccanoil.