2 Ideas to Spice Up Your Holiday Haircolor

Balayage: This is a highlighting technique from France that has grown more and more popular here in the past few years. Balayage creates completely different looking highlights than what we traditionally see. The highlighted pieces do not come straight out of the head, or straight out of the part. In fact, with Balayage, it's difficult to tell where the highlighted pieces originate. The Balayage technique is more of a creative, freehand painting by the stylist (sometimes even called hair painting) which allows them to place the color in their own freeform way, accentuating the great things you already have working for you. Think Jennifer Anniston's color. Actually, just about every magazine cover has a celebrity with this type of technique done on them. It makes the highlights look more natural and I think the overall color looks more beautiful, like how your hair looked when you were a kid.

Ombre Effect: Ombre is French for shaded. It is all the rage in fall fashion, and hair trends generally mimic fashion trends. In haircolor, ombre means that it is deep at the roots and gradually lightens up at the ends. This trend is very far from the highlight-coming-directly-out-of-your-head look that we have been so used to seeing. Want to check out some stars that have perfected this fun look? Look up some recent pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker, Lake Bell, and Shenae Grimes. This is a perfect transitional look going into fall/winter because it can give a "been at the beach all summer" feel. This technique is not just for blondes, but will be a huge trend for brunettes as well. Actually, I almost like it better on brunettes. It makes their color more interesting and daring. See Shenae's picture to get an idea of this.

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