INOA Supreme Anti-Aging Haircolor — Look As Young As You Feel

Women of age are staying younger longer. Just look at Ellen DeGeneres. In 2008 she received one of the year's biggest beauty contracts, and in her early 50's. The beautiful comedienne and talk show host is a prominent spokesmodel for CoverGirl's Simply Ageless Foundation. In 2009, Madonna launched a kids clothing line, opened a fitness center, starred in a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign and began filming a drama. Modeling icon Lauren Hutton launched her own cosmetics line after returning to the modeling world at 46. Age has done everything but slow these women down. Don't let it slow YOU down!

With these women feeling so young on the inside, they want to look just as young on the outside. But many busy, modern-day women don't want too much time commitment and maintenance.

INOA has come up with a product line for women whose hair is aging faster than they are—INOA Supreme.
Just like your skin starts to age, so does your hair. As we age, our hair starts to go white because of the lack of pigmentation being produced. Age also causes your hair to become less dense, and more fragile, due to deprivation of melanin. White hair is less protected and weakens. Age can also make your scalp more sensitive with the reduction in sebaceous gland activity.

INOA Supreme covers 100% of white hair without sacrificing shine. Your hair fiber will not only be preserved, but redensified. In addition to giving your hair more strength and substance, INOA Supreme will also make it feel smooth to the touch. As with all INOA haircolor, INOA Supreme is odor-free and ammonia-free, giving you optimal comfort, especially on the scalp.

But what about maintenance? That's the best part of INOA Supreme. It can cover 100% of white hair, but it covers without a solid, harsh growout line. INOA Supreme is formulated to enhance your natural skin tones, and uses your non-pigmented hair to provide beautiful, blended, highs and lows in the haircolor. This gives a natural, luminescent look, with less-obvious growout.

Cultures is proud to be one of only a handful of salons certified to provide INOA haircolor in Utah. All of our stylists are INOA and INOA Supreme certified, and can help you look as young on the outside as you feel on the inside.

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