ABCH: Certifiably Great Haircolor

Several clients have noticed recent hair magazine ads which mention Michelle’s name and have asked what they are. The ads, placed in 25 national magazines by the American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH), list stylists in each state who have received a national certification in haircolor.

In April 2012, Michelle completed the requirements to become a nationally certified haircolorist. In her certification exam, where less than 50% of the applicants passed, Michelle received the highest score of all candidates in the Interactive portion,which assesses the colorists' ability to solve complex haircolor correction scenarios and present justification for their answers.

Andre Nizetich, president of ABCH and listed as #8 in the Top 40 Hair-colorists in America, had this to say about Michelle’s certification: "Michelle Lindsay is a skillful and competent haircolorist. Receiving the high score in the Interactive portion of the examination indicates her decision making qualities are exemplary. We are very proud of her accomplishments.”

What is a Board Certified Haircolorist? A Board Certified Haircolorist is an individual who has passed an intensive 3-part examination which consists of written, oral, and practical segments. This exam is the most stringent exam in the beauty industry and measures the competence of the applicant’s haircoloring skills.

What is the purpose for becoming certified? The purpose of certification is to recognize those individuals who have achieved a greater degree of competence among haircolorists. The title "Board Certified Master Haircolorist" is only awarded to professionals who exhibit outstanding knowledge of and proficiency in haircolor in accordance with standardized criteria.

What is the certifying body that administers the exam? The American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH). The ABCH is a non-profit corporation, and not affiliated with any haircolor manufacturers.

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