Delicious Mocha Colors — Robust, Full-Bodied Tones Add Richness to Fall Haircolor

According to legend, the coffee-chocolate combination we call Mocha was first brewed in the very early 19th century. Mocha flavor has the ability to evoke the senses and conjures the taste of a creamy, chocolaty, robust flavor. But Mocha originally referenced a high-quality coffee bean, grown in the town of Mocha, Yemen, a port city on the Red Sea where coffee beans have been raised for centuries. These beans are renowned and desired for their distinctive flavor — just like the new Mocha Shades introduced this fall in our INOA color line.

With L’Oreal Professionel’s French Hairdressing tradition, each color and service is customized to the individual needs of each client. The specialized blend of tones, contained in INOA Mochas, can create a creamy, chocolaty, robust, mocha shade which is unique to each client. Mochas also provide a perfect balance of tone, which is ideal for the client wishing to transform their sun-faded hair into a rich, chocolate shade. The “full-bodied feeling” of Mocha colors creates the ideal shade for a summer to autumn transition. Want to try a new Mocha color this fall? Ask your stylist which shade would work best for you.

(This article was previously published in our Fall/Winter 2013 salon newsletter. If you did not receive our newsletter by mail, please make sure we have an updated address for you on file.)

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