What is Olaplex? How Can it Help My Hair?

Olaplex is a new product on the market for use by professional colorists.

It uses a brand new technology, and is not like any other product that previously existed. It was created by chemists who had not worked in the hair industry before. They invented a single-ingredient chemistry that links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services, making them stronger than they were before. It is free of silicones and oils. So, like we said before, it is unlike any other repairing product that previously existed.

Because much of the initial trial/testing was done by high-profile industry experts or celebrity colorists, it created a word-of-mouth and social media buzz about the product before it was ever released for use. We initially heard about #Olaplex through social media, and then learned more about it after reading a salon industry article. Because of the great reviews, we decided to bring the product in and do our own in-salon testing. We have used it for about 6 months now and, needless to say, WE LOVE IT.

This past fall, Michelle used it on most of the actresses that she colored for a movie project. As you can imagine, actresses put their hair through a lot. They not only do daily styling and regular color like most of us, but during filming their hair is styled, and re-styled, and re-styled throughout the day. They also have to change their haircolor, sometimes drastically, for different roles. So their hair was a perfect test case... which is why Olaplex was first tested by many celebrity colorists before being put on the market! It was a life-saver for Michelle during the pre-filming color work she did on this project. It made it possible for her to color hair which was in bad condition, and to get a more accurate color result on that hair. It also made it possible for us to style and re-style their hair multiple times each day throughout the filming. We can add our testimonial to the many others out there... Olaplex is incredible.

It repairs bonds in the hair, making it possible to color hair that we previously would have advised against coloring. With Olaplex, you can go blonder, or push the envelope further, without compromising the integrity of the hair. It can be used in your base color, in your highlights, and in your balayage services. Olaplex multiplies bonds, making hair stronger and healthier. It helps color lasts longer. It helps give more vibrancy to the color. We use it on damaged hair, but we also use it on hair that is healthy, but just naturally fragile and prone to breakage. It really is an amazing product.

If you know anything about Andre Nizetich and the American Board Certified Haircolorists organization (of which Michelle is a certified member), you know that they are not easily impressed by new products on the market. In fact, Andre is known to be a bit of a skeptic when it comes to "groundbreaking" products in haircolor. When Olaplex was introduced, ABCH published an article in their professional newsletter that was very skeptical, borderline critical, about the hype that surrounded Olaplex. Well, after hearing reviews from many of their certified colorists, ABCH decided to put the product to the test. Here is what Andre had to say after doing more research and meeting with the chemists who developed Olaplex: "First let me say... I could not have been any more wrong about Olaplex. I spent the afternoon with Dean and Darcy Christal [the chemists who developed the product]...We ran some tests and I want to tell you that this product is fantastic. This is not just fancy packaging -- this is all new technology, a real breakthrough." Now that is the kind of review that is not easily earned!

Interested in trying Olaplex with your next color service? Ask your Cultures stylist if this product would work for you.

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