#OnceIWasABeehive : Movie Hairstyles — Girls Camp to Glam

It's easy to go "from girls camp to glam" with these totally wearable styles from the Once I Was a Beehive movie. Just follow the simple steps below or click on each title to watch a video tutorial.

Faux Dutch Braid:
1. Prep hair with Next Day Hair
2. Divide into 3 ponytails and secure with clear bands
3. Braid each ponytail with medium tension and then secure
4. Loosen braids
5. Secure braids with bobby pins around head

Braided Bun:
1. Prep hair with Next Day Hair
2. Divide hair into two ponytails and secure
3. Prep ponytails with True Grip
4. Fishtail each ponytail and secure
5. Loosen braids
6. Wrap braids around ponytail base and secure with bobby pins

Messy Side Buns:
1. Prep hair with Beach Waves
2. Twist sections and dry product into hair
3. Part hair diagonally into two sections
4. Put each section into a messy bun using invisibobble (or hair elastic)
5. Arrange hair around the bun and tuck in loose pieces

Bubble Pony: (video not available)
1. Prep hair with Densite and dry into hair
2. Spray with Next Day Hair to add extra texture
3. Brush back and secure hair into ponytail on top of crown
4. Approximately two to three inches down the ponytail, wrap with another band
5. Continue down the length of the hair
6. Hold one strand at the bottom of the ponytail, slide ponytail up to create the bubbles

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