3 Creative Makeup Ideas to Transform Yourself This Halloween

Some Halloween costumes are all about the outfit, while others are all about the makeup. Here are three memorable dress-up ideas that combine the two and are sure to make you the hit of the night.
Go Gray Scale
Use a water-activated gray base coat on the parts of your skin that will be visible when you're in costume. Use a darker shade for blush and contouring your face and white for highlighting your brows and nose. Dark grey eyeliner works for your lips with a touch of balm to keep them moist. Use jet-black powder on your hair or wear a wig. An era-appropriate gray-toned outfit completes the look.
Pop Art Comic Characters
Start with a white cream or base and set with powder. Apply a super vibrant eye shadow and draw in exaggerated eyebrows with black eyeliner. Outline your face and add contour lines to your cheekbones, nose, ears and chin with black. Use a cotton swab to apply red dots to your entire face over the white base. Finish with a bright red lip.
Half Sugar Skull
When you do a half-face of sugar skull makeup, you not only look creepy, you also don't have to worry about symmetry. Start with a white base on half your face. Next draw a flower around your eye in a bold color and fill it in completely. Draw a black circle around the flower and fill in around the petals. Draw a cobweb on your forehead, a dramatic eyebrow that ends in a swirl, and a filled-in half heart for your nose. Outline your lips in black and draw a skeleton mouth line to your ear.
Happy haunting!

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