Contour Obsessed — Part 2: What is Hair Contouring & Will It Work For Me?

Inspired by the makeup trend of the moment, hair contouring is a custom-made color application technique that has revolutionized the use of haircolor. This innovative technique uses the careful placement of colors around the face and, by playing with light and shadow, can alter the appearance of your face shape by accentuating your best features and enhancing your natural skin tone without the application of makeup.

What is hair contouring?
Hair contouring is a coloring technique that uses a combination of free-hand application and highlighting paired with the careful positioning of different tones and depths around the face to highlight and shadow targeted areas. Darker tones create shadows and are used to shorten or narrow the face shape, while lighter tones elongate and lengthen the face shape by reflecting light. This clever placement of color and the careful selection of complimentary tones perform an optical illusion and make your face appear more defined and features more accentuated.

Will hair contouring work for me?
Definitely! Hair contouring is a 100% bespoke (customized) coloring service that is literally designed to suit your unique facial structure, features and skin tone. The colors are selected based on your skin tone and positioned based on your structure and features.

Will it look natural?
The complexity of this technical consultation and application requires a professional to ensure colors are perfectly blended into the hair and suit your skin tone. The subtle shades, the ability of the colorist to use careful positioning beneath the parting and tailor the application method to your needs, means that this coloring technique can look extremely natural…No one will ever know!

Is it low maintenance?
The combination of application techniques and subtlety of shades means that this technique can be extremely low maintenance with regrowth being soft and diffused.

How do I maintain my customized color?
To protect your contoured highlights, we recommend using Lumino Contrast by serie expert. This range helps to brighten and enhance the appearance of multi-dimensional tones in highlighted hair. Formulated to target the highlighted strands, it leaves them looking brilliantly accentuated with an added radiant shine.

Looking to get the longest wear out of your color? Washing your hair frequently and using hairdryers can take its toll on your color. Try Vitamino Color A:OX to protect your bespoke contoured color against fade, dullness and environmental aggressors. The Vitamino range leaves your color looking shiny and your hair feeling nourished with prolonged hair color radiance.

Credit text: L'Oreal Professionnel UK
Credit image: L'Oreal Professionnel US
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