5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Hair

You have probably put your hair and scalp through the ringer this past winter with all the dry air piping into your home and the friction caused by the plethora of hats worn to keep yourself from freezing to death. Plus, with the winter doldrums, sometimes you find yourself pulling up that hair a little too frequently. Time to start anew and let yourself shine like the daffodil outside my window, indicating good things are ahead.

1. Cleanse & Clarify
Ask your stylist to do a scalp treatment and a clarifying treatment on the hair. This will remove any buildup…like that buildup caused by possibly going a few too many days without shampooing during the colder months. It will also help regulate/neutralize/normalize your scalp if it has been too dry or oily through the winter.

2. Treat Yourself
Get a Pro Fiber treatment. There are many good treatments out there, but I have never seen anything that can repair, strengthen, and change the texture of the hair as well as this one. (Believe me, I have tried a ton. A TON.) This treatment is instant, and lasts 6 weeks. If your hair has really gone through the ringer and is severely damaged, I would suggest an Olaplex or SmartBond treatment, along with the Pro Fiber treatment. (Pro Fiber is made by L’Oreal Professionnel and you can find it at participating salons in your area by using the salon locator on their website.)

3. Get Some Sun
Spring is a great time for Balayage. Balayage is a method of highlighting that is hand painted onto the hair. The end result is very soft and natural and sun-kissed. It feels kind of like when you have your first drink of icy Diet Coke in the morning. Ahhhhhhh! If you don’t want to fully commit, get some face-framing balayage as a “try me.” Then you will see what I mean. ;)

4. Know Your Needs
Evaluate your styling products. Do they still fit your hair needs? Are you using more heat than you previously were? Has your texture changed? Do you have old products that don’t suit needs now? Throw away or donate these products (we suggest a women’s shelter) so someone else can get some good use out of them. Then have a consultation with your stylist and ask what products will work best with your current needs.

5. Don't Be a Tool
Evaluate your styling tools. Are your brushes used down to the nub? Are they so full of hair that they are useless? What about your flat iron or curling iron? Are they so crusted over with product that you feel like it takes you twice as long to get ready now? Or do you have to hold the cord “just right” so that it will still work for you? Do you have a collection of tools you don’t even use? Clean, donate, discard, and replenish. You will feel so much better about life if you do.

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