Get Your Feet and Legs Sandal Ready

It’s time to break out the cute sandals and show off those feet. Does the mere thought of doing that make you panic? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Don’t worry, we got you! Just do these 4 things and you’ll be ready.

1. Go Get a Pedicure
For reals. Just do it. It seems obvious, but so many people don’t. A lot of first-timers say they haven’t tried a pedicure before because they’re self-conscious about their feet, or because they feel bad making someone touch their feet. Some people are nervous because they’re ticklish. The truth is, professional pedicurists have seen feet just like yours, and feet in worse condition than yours. It doesn’t matter. Touching feet is what they do. If you’re ticklish, just mention that as you start. They can adjust the pressure or the position of their fingers to minimize the sensation wherever you’re most sensitive. But your feet need it! A good pedicure will increase blood flow to the feet and legs, sluff off the dead, dry skin from winter, and get rid of the calluses built up from those heavy winter boots. (Caution: Don’t let your pedicurist use a blade on those calluses. It’s safer for your feet and your health if they use an acid and a buffer or pumice stone to remove them.) A professional pedicurist will also cut and file those toenails to the appropriate pretty shape.

2. Moisturize
Once your feet have been prepped by a pedicure, it’s important that you keep the moisture going, especially on those heels. Use a good body cream to replenish the moisture in your feet and legs. Look for one that is healing. (The whipped body cream that we make and sell at our salon has aloe, vitamin e, shea butter, and mango butter, so it’s good for healing, moisturizing, reducing inflammation, and eliminating dry, itchy skin. I could go on for hours about this body cream and why you should try it, but I won’t. ๐Ÿ˜‰)

3. Try a New Color
Pick a different polish color for your toes. If you tend to put the same color on those toes month after month, branch out this time. Go for something out of the norm. Right now, I’m loving so many of the polishes in OPI’s new “Fiji” and “California Dreaming” collections. They make you feel like you’re in a hammock, reading a book, on that first warm, sunshiny day. (Or in my case, taking a nap. Which is my ultimate refresher.) You will be surprised at how energized you feel when you look down at those cute toes. You'll be dying to show them off! All that from a toenail polish? You bet your sweet tootsies.

4. Get Some “Sun”
Use a little self-tanning moisturizing lotion on those legs. My favorite is “Touch of Summer” from Hempz. (Not sponsored, I just love it! We sell it at my salon because we all love it, and so do our clients.)  I am naturally very fair (more like pasty white), but I use the medium shade. It gradually adds a little color to my legs and takes the edge off the glare. I've tried many different self-tanners and my favorite thing about this one is that I NEVER have to worry about getting streaky or orange, because it doesn't.

Ready? Now go show off those cute sandals and enjoy some sunshine!

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