Not Yer Momma's Hairspray!

Remember back in the day of the "football helmet," or the "rats nest" hair? Or maybe you remember styling some crunchy "wings" on the sides of your hair? In those days, you would be in some serious hurt, or have the worst hair day ever, if your hair was not permanently cemented into place.

With all the new technology available, you would think they could develop something that keeps your style in place, but lets your hair move. Something that can last all day but doesn't completely defy the law of gravity. Well, great news! There is something...

Most of my customers already know this, but there is a hairspray that actually has style memory. Not sure what memory has to do with hair? Well, style memory means that the hair can be set to go back into place, even after it's been messed up, after you've walked through a wind storm, or after whatever else may happen to your hair during the day. Style memory means that you can still get it back into the style that you started with.

I know plenty of companies are claiming they have style memory in their products lately, but L'Oreal Professionnel's Infinium hairspray really does have the most superior memory available on the market. What these other companies are claiming doesn't even compare to the real thing! Plus, it doesn't feel like hairspray. It's amazing! And, it really works. (No, I do not work for them.)

With the softer styles of today, you can really have the best of both worlds. It can hold a style all day, but it's also touchable and soft. So, your hair can look sexy, and not feel nasty. Once again, I reiterate, touchable. Come on, really, no one wants to touch stiff, sticky hair no matter how great it looks.

Some of the other benefits are added shine and heat protectant. That means you can protect your hair while you style with your blow dryer or irons. It is the best hairspray I have ever used. And I've tried them all. Believe me. You should see some of my middle school photos.

The Big Move

We did it. We moved! Well.... sort of. We moved to another part of our same building. Really just down the hall, if you want to get technical.

It was a lot of hard work. Okay, not as hard as moving irrigation pipe (which I've done also, thank you very much), but, still hard. Painting walls is not as fun as painting hair, at least not to me.

We have a nice, big, cozy treatment room -- larger than our other one. That's where we now do our massages, facials, waxing, and other spa services. The new room has an old fireplace, which adds a homey feel to it. And, just for fun, we added an ipod dock in there. So, for those who don't particularly enjoy the flutey massage music, you can listen to your own playlist while you relax.

I definitely recommend trying a massage. We have a new massage therapist who does an incredible job! In fact, one of our clients who receives massage on a regular basis from other places said to me (after trying our massage), "People always told me they feel like they are going to melt after a massage. I never knew what they meant, until now." Now that's a hefty compliment!

So, come in. Take a break. Check out our semi-new facility. Treat yourself. Maybe with a little relaxation, you'll actually be able to enjoy them this year. (The holidays, that is. Or your in-laws. Whichever.)

My, How Time Has Flown!

You haven't seen anything from me for a bit because I took a short vacation. Went to California. Did the Disneyland thing, and Hollywood. Got the grand tour of Angels stadium with my friend Hannah.

Hannah works in PR with the Jazz and the Bees (check out her blog "General-Lee Speaking" on, so the Angels PR department rolled out some red carpet for us, or at least some grass. It was fantastic. Got to stand at home plate, sit in the dugout, see the inner workings of a professional baseball club. I coulda come home inspired by the baseball caps, but luckily for you, I ended my trip with a couple days in sunny San Diego.

Being there reminded me how much I love the beach, and inspired me to create more of the beachy hair waves look, even as we head into a Utah winter. I mean, why not bring in a little California sun and style to help us get through the snowy days ahead?

Besides that, I think sometimes we should work with the hair we have; stop fighting with it. We end up spending our days (or at least a few minutes) walking from home, to the car, to work - outside in the rain and wind and snow. It gets messed up anyway. We may as well go with the flow, or the flowy.

The best part is that waves create a great base of style that you can work with throughout the day, adapt as needed, even into a more styled look for evening.

It's so easy to get beachy waves in your hair. I have found many fun products that can help you achieve this look. But, it does take the right products, and the knowhow. I have those. I can show you. Or, at least tell you. Just send me an email.

Go ahead! Turn yourself into the beach babe you've always wanted to be. (Locals, I recommend holding off on the bikini for now though. At least until the snow melts. )

And, a little word about color...

Typically, we all tend to go a little darker in the Fall/Winter months, whether naturally, or by color. Coming from California recently, I've also been inspired to mix it up a bit. Put a lighter highlight in with your darker shade. I've done it on a few people already and it turned out gorgeous! (Nuthin' like patting yourself on the back, eh?) But really, the colors were so pretty. A perfect combination of both seasons. Plus, adding some warmer shades can give a great "sunny" effect without having to be light.

If you have questions on finding a combo color that works for you, email me. Or better yet, schedule a color consultation. We can give you some ideas to work with.

A Tiny Bit of Change

Isn't it funny that when we do something drastic like cut our long hair off, or put extensions in short hair, it's inevitable that it will take at least a week before people notice? On the other hand, sometimes we do a minor change and everyone notices right away.

A customer of mine recently told me that she's done all sorts of things with her hair and her husband never says anything, but when she got her eyebrows waxed, he was amazed. And loved it. And asked her if she was gonna keep it up.

Funny, but I think it's sometimes the little changes that improve us, not necessarily the big ones. I guess my point is that if you've been feeling a little icky, or bored, maybe all you need is a tiny little improvement.

Come reshape your eyebrows. Or tweek your color; maybe something that will enhance your skin tone for fall or winter. Get some new makeup ideas. Maybe some bangs; flattering on everyone! Or maybe all you need is a deep conditioning treatment to restore the shine back in your hair.

It really doesn't take much. If only losing a few pounds could be so easy!

Stuck in a Style Rut?

Do you feel like you are caught in a style rut? If you agree wholeheartedly with that statement, now would be a perfect time to dig yourself out of it. The rut, that is.

People have been asking me lately, What's new for Fall?

In haircolor, "peachy" blondes are in. That means golden tones with hints of strawberry color -- just like a peach looks. Other haircolor will be earthier, deeper, richer, and full of shine. More auburns will be seen in warm, rich, natural tones. We will also see more hidden dimensional color, not obvious stripes.

Even Jennifer Anniston, who doesn't stray from her haircolor much, has recently added panels of a darker chocolate brown that shows when the hair moves.

With haircuts, they are all very versatile and there is something for every length. Cropped pixie, classic bob, and soft long feminine looks. All of these cuts will have texture and lots of layers and, yes, the trend of bangs is still going strong.

NEWS POST: Cultures Welcomes Robert Tanner, LMT

We are excited to announce the addition of Robert Tanner to our team and invite you to stop by and see our new facility.

Robert is a licensed massage therapist and a 2006 graduate of the Myotherapy College of Utah. He specializes in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, and is also experienced in Pregnancy, Spinal Touch, and Injury care.

For more information about massage services, which start as low as $15, please call (801) 776-9229 or visit our Service Menu.

New Styling Products Help You Get Red Carpet Hairstyles

They're here! The new Texture Expert styling products are in!

Why is this so exciting? If you happened to catch the Emmy's, you might have noticed that the hairstyles were, well, more styled.

Soft waves, curl, lots of shine. The styles now require more styling. If you don't want to spend the extra time, that's fine. There are solutions for you to still keep up with the trends without spending tons more time. BUT, all of the red carpet styles require using the right products.

This is where Texture Expert comes in. If you have always had a hard time finding the right product for your hair type, your problem is now solved. Texture Expert products are customized for your hair type. They have collections for each hair texture: fine hair, medium hair, and coarse hair.

Texture Expert styling products protect hair from heat; they give you more control to get the style you want; and they provide the hold you need to keep looking great all day, or all night.

What more could you ask for?

I Live, Breathe, and Eat Hair... Sometimes Literally

I've been in this industry for 14 years. I've seen it evolve and, sadly, have been here long enough to see trends resurge.

I do have to admit it is my passion. I am constantly looking for ways to make my job easier and your life at home easier; and ways to make you feel better and look better. I'm always on the lookout for products that perform better. Things that make you look younger. Ways to cut and color hair to make your best features pop.

I'm always searching to see what's new, what's in style for the season. I want to be a step ahead to help you keep yourself up. To be the "go to" person for all your beauty related questions.

I live, breathe, and eat hair. Sometimes literally. Most restaurant patrons who find a hair in their food want to complain, stop eating, order something new. I usually figure it fell off me and keep going. I was at the eye doctor the other day and he asked me if one of my eyes was bothering me. I said no, not really. He then proceeded to pluck a hair out of my eye. He told me it looked like a cut piece of hair. Not my color. No big deal to me. I guess I'm just a part of my surroundings now, and they're a part of me.

Anyway, the whole point of this is to let you know if you have any questions about this industry, please ask! I don't think I know it all, but I know where to find it if I don't. Email your questions and I'll try to get back to them as soon as I can.

Cotton Candy and Caramel Apple for Your Feet?

Earlier this week, I went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair. It's held in my hometown -- the "Potato Capital of the World" -- Blackfoot, Idaho. (If you ever have a chance the week of Labor Day and want something interesting to do, I highly recommend it!)

I always look forward to it. It's a tradition. I think it's a perfect kick-off for fall season. It's an old-fashioned, down-home, good-time-for-all kind of fair. Fun for all ages. I go there every year, basically for the food. So much good food I'm gaining 20 lbs just thinking about it. They have Tigers Ears, Tortatoes, Potato Ice Cream, Fresh Corn on the Cob, Fried Everything, and, last but not least, Caramel Apples and Cotton Candy!

I thought that maybe I could bring a little piece of my hometown nostalgia back to Utah with me. You can experience a little of my culture, and kick off your fall season with our Caramel Apple and Cotton Candy pedicures. It may sound funny, but they smell really DELICIOUS, and they really bring that old-fashioned fair atmosphere to the salon. Plus, spa pedicures are calorie-free.

We hope to see you soon!

NEWS POST: Wedding Bells for Makelle

August 28th marked a special day for Makelle, Cultures stylist. She married her sweetie Justin Pratt and officially became Makelle Riley Pratt.

She looked beautiful in her white gown with pink sash. And the makeup and hair were absolutely gorgeous, compliments of Michelle. Love that color!

The couple honeymooned in California and will make their home in Layton.
Congratulations to Makelle and Justin!

Grow Old Gracefully?

No thanks.

I plan on fighting it every step of the way. Why not take advantage of all the technology that's available and slow the clock, even if just a little? Why not look as young as I feel?

Take grey hair for instance. My mom started going grey in her mid-20's. I have a few sisters that started young as well. Lucky for me, I work in beauty. I learn about the new technologies to slow the aging process, or at least how to perfect the tricks to disguise it. So am I going to just let grey happen? No way!

Research about reversing the greying process, backed by L'Oreal, was published back in 2006. At the time, they predicted that a pill or cream would be on the market within 5 years to reverse grey hair. Well, they were right! In May of this year, Joico came out with their Renu line of anti-aging products which included a serum to reverse grey. Our Renu products arrived in our salon on May 7, 2008. I began using the serum on May 8th. No delay there. I mean, come on. We're talking about grey hair.

And, does it work? You know it! Works like a charm. Just recently I wondered that same thing myself. I had been using the stuff for just over two months (they say it takes 4-6 to see the reversal). As I was getting my hair done, one of my employees saw a grey hair and plucked it out of my head. Normally when they find a single grey strand, my heart sinks. But this time, you could have seen me grinning all the way up in Idaho (a little shout out to my hometown). That little strand of hair was grey, up until the last quarter inch or so. The part closest to the root had pigment! I was so excited I dropped the strand on the salon floor. We spent the better part of five minutes or so looking for it. I guess I thought it would be cool to laminate it, or scrapbook it, or something. I never did find it. But it's just as well. I don't scrapbook anyway. At least I know that my serum is working.

Now, if you happen to know me when I'm 90 years old, and if I happen to mention that I'm still using the anti-grey serum... Please. Sit me down. Have an intervention. But for now, I'm going to fight aging every step of the way!

New Beauty Blog By Michelle

Well, we did it. We finally convinced Michelle to do a little blogging (in all of her spare time!) about some of the beauty questions we get, and any other advice, tips, or observations that may be helpful to the beauties that we call clients here at Cultures. Look for her first post this week!

NEWS POST: Clearfield City Newsletter Features Cultures

Featured Clearfield Business: Cultures Salon

"Here at Cultures, Michelle and I wanted to create a comfortable environment, a place that wasn’t so fancy that you felt out of place,” explained Annemarie. “We try to cater to regular people, and give them a little luxury.”

Michelle agrees. “We don’t want our clients to feel rushed when they come here. We have provided an atmosphere where they can relax. A retreat, if you will.”

Annemarie Barlow has a marketing and sales background and handles the administrative operations of running Cultures. Michelle is a licensed cosmetologist and has an extensive background as a salon consultant for industry manufacturers.

“Many of our core philosophies were developed during the years that Michelle was a salon consultant, going into hundreds of salons and seeing the skill level of their stylists and how their clients were treated,” explained Annemarie. “We focus on not just “doing” the services, but actually helping people improve the condition of their hair, feet, hands, and body. Our pedicures, color services, and many of our other services include several steps and products that other places skip. We offer spa quality services without the spa prices.”

The soothing d├ęcor of Cultures is no accident – cottage country in pale pink, soft blue and white, with a pleasing mixture of both modern and antique furniture and artwork surrounds you. All signs of the former print shop operation have been remodeled away.

Cultures Salon/Day Spa offers many unique services including European facials, Sinus Relief Treatments, Tired Leg Treatment, Swedish massage (from 30 - 90 minutes), a maternity massage, spa pedicures and manicures, make-up application (Mirabella mineral line) and a two-hour Mini-Retreat which includes a facial, deep conditioning treatment for your tresses, a pedicure or manicure. Visit their website for a complete listing of their services, products and prices at

“Small groups can book our salon for a special girls’ night out,” explained Annemarie. “A private party, such as friends or family can book our salon for a spa experience just for them.” A great birthday, shower, pre-wedding, or “just because” idea!

Cultures Salon hair clients receive a complimentary scalp massage, tired eye treatment, and hand massage. Each season they offer a Pedicure of the Month, such as Lemonade or Coconut Lime for summer, Watermelon for spring, Red Hot Cinnamon for the dreary days of winter, or Caramel Apple for fall.

Cultures Salon/Day Spa/Supply is located at 360 S. State Street. To make an appointment for any of their services call (801)776-9229. Gift certificates are available for all occasions.

NEWS POST: Anti Aging Gracefully: Gray is Not the New Blonde

What do most of us really hate about getting older? Graying Hair.

Salon products have finally begun to address aging hair. But, besides haircolor, stylists have not been able to offer real solutions for those who don’t want to grow old gracefully.

That will change in May, 2008. A brand new technology, available through your local salon, will not only improve the texture and appearance of aging hair, but with regular use, it has also been shown to reduce the amount of new gray growth, and actually reverse the observable amount of gray hair, restoring natural color by encouraging the growth of pigmented hair.

This new scalp treatment is also an ideal preventative strategy for those who have not yet begun to go gray.

And, even better, it is a scalp treatment that men or women can do on their own, at home.

• In two-to-six weeks, clients notice a healthier scalp, improved body and fullness, and hair that looks and feels younger and more alive.

• After two-to-six months, clients observe a reduction in the amount of new gray growth.

• After six months or more of regular use, tests show that Re:nual Serum can reverse the graying process and actually restore the natural hair color, radiance and shine.

To learn more about this new technology and about how aging affects hair, please contact Cultures Salon & Day Spa.

Cultures is co-owned by Michelle Lindsay, a hair colorist and former salon consultant with over 14 years in the industry.