NEWS POST: Clearfield City Newsletter Features Cultures

Featured Clearfield Business: Cultures Salon

"Here at Cultures, Michelle and I wanted to create a comfortable environment, a place that wasn’t so fancy that you felt out of place,” explained Annemarie. “We try to cater to regular people, and give them a little luxury.”

Michelle agrees. “We don’t want our clients to feel rushed when they come here. We have provided an atmosphere where they can relax. A retreat, if you will.”

Annemarie Barlow has a marketing and sales background and handles the administrative operations of running Cultures. Michelle is a licensed cosmetologist and has an extensive background as a salon consultant for industry manufacturers.

“Many of our core philosophies were developed during the years that Michelle was a salon consultant, going into hundreds of salons and seeing the skill level of their stylists and how their clients were treated,” explained Annemarie. “We focus on not just “doing” the services, but actually helping people improve the condition of their hair, feet, hands, and body. Our pedicures, color services, and many of our other services include several steps and products that other places skip. We offer spa quality services without the spa prices.”

The soothing d├ęcor of Cultures is no accident – cottage country in pale pink, soft blue and white, with a pleasing mixture of both modern and antique furniture and artwork surrounds you. All signs of the former print shop operation have been remodeled away.

Cultures Salon/Day Spa offers many unique services including European facials, Sinus Relief Treatments, Tired Leg Treatment, Swedish massage (from 30 - 90 minutes), a maternity massage, spa pedicures and manicures, make-up application (Mirabella mineral line) and a two-hour Mini-Retreat which includes a facial, deep conditioning treatment for your tresses, a pedicure or manicure. Visit their website for a complete listing of their services, products and prices at

“Small groups can book our salon for a special girls’ night out,” explained Annemarie. “A private party, such as friends or family can book our salon for a spa experience just for them.” A great birthday, shower, pre-wedding, or “just because” idea!

Cultures Salon hair clients receive a complimentary scalp massage, tired eye treatment, and hand massage. Each season they offer a Pedicure of the Month, such as Lemonade or Coconut Lime for summer, Watermelon for spring, Red Hot Cinnamon for the dreary days of winter, or Caramel Apple for fall.

Cultures Salon/Day Spa/Supply is located at 360 S. State Street. To make an appointment for any of their services call (801)776-9229. Gift certificates are available for all occasions.

NEWS POST: Anti Aging Gracefully: Gray is Not the New Blonde

What do most of us really hate about getting older? Graying Hair.

Salon products have finally begun to address aging hair. But, besides haircolor, stylists have not been able to offer real solutions for those who don’t want to grow old gracefully.

That will change in May, 2008. A brand new technology, available through your local salon, will not only improve the texture and appearance of aging hair, but with regular use, it has also been shown to reduce the amount of new gray growth, and actually reverse the observable amount of gray hair, restoring natural color by encouraging the growth of pigmented hair.

This new scalp treatment is also an ideal preventative strategy for those who have not yet begun to go gray.

And, even better, it is a scalp treatment that men or women can do on their own, at home.

• In two-to-six weeks, clients notice a healthier scalp, improved body and fullness, and hair that looks and feels younger and more alive.

• After two-to-six months, clients observe a reduction in the amount of new gray growth.

• After six months or more of regular use, tests show that Re:nual Serum can reverse the graying process and actually restore the natural hair color, radiance and shine.

To learn more about this new technology and about how aging affects hair, please contact Cultures Salon & Day Spa.

Cultures is co-owned by Michelle Lindsay, a hair colorist and former salon consultant with over 14 years in the industry.