New Styling Products Help You Get Red Carpet Hairstyles

They're here! The new Texture Expert styling products are in!

Why is this so exciting? If you happened to catch the Emmy's, you might have noticed that the hairstyles were, well, more styled.

Soft waves, curl, lots of shine. The styles now require more styling. If you don't want to spend the extra time, that's fine. There are solutions for you to still keep up with the trends without spending tons more time. BUT, all of the red carpet styles require using the right products.

This is where Texture Expert comes in. If you have always had a hard time finding the right product for your hair type, your problem is now solved. Texture Expert products are customized for your hair type. They have collections for each hair texture: fine hair, medium hair, and coarse hair.

Texture Expert styling products protect hair from heat; they give you more control to get the style you want; and they provide the hold you need to keep looking great all day, or all night.

What more could you ask for?

I Live, Breathe, and Eat Hair... Sometimes Literally

I've been in this industry for 14 years. I've seen it evolve and, sadly, have been here long enough to see trends resurge.

I do have to admit it is my passion. I am constantly looking for ways to make my job easier and your life at home easier; and ways to make you feel better and look better. I'm always on the lookout for products that perform better. Things that make you look younger. Ways to cut and color hair to make your best features pop.

I'm always searching to see what's new, what's in style for the season. I want to be a step ahead to help you keep yourself up. To be the "go to" person for all your beauty related questions.

I live, breathe, and eat hair. Sometimes literally. Most restaurant patrons who find a hair in their food want to complain, stop eating, order something new. I usually figure it fell off me and keep going. I was at the eye doctor the other day and he asked me if one of my eyes was bothering me. I said no, not really. He then proceeded to pluck a hair out of my eye. He told me it looked like a cut piece of hair. Not my color. No big deal to me. I guess I'm just a part of my surroundings now, and they're a part of me.

Anyway, the whole point of this is to let you know if you have any questions about this industry, please ask! I don't think I know it all, but I know where to find it if I don't. Email your questions and I'll try to get back to them as soon as I can.

Cotton Candy and Caramel Apple for Your Feet?

Earlier this week, I went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair. It's held in my hometown -- the "Potato Capital of the World" -- Blackfoot, Idaho. (If you ever have a chance the week of Labor Day and want something interesting to do, I highly recommend it!)

I always look forward to it. It's a tradition. I think it's a perfect kick-off for fall season. It's an old-fashioned, down-home, good-time-for-all kind of fair. Fun for all ages. I go there every year, basically for the food. So much good food I'm gaining 20 lbs just thinking about it. They have Tigers Ears, Tortatoes, Potato Ice Cream, Fresh Corn on the Cob, Fried Everything, and, last but not least, Caramel Apples and Cotton Candy!

I thought that maybe I could bring a little piece of my hometown nostalgia back to Utah with me. You can experience a little of my culture, and kick off your fall season with our Caramel Apple and Cotton Candy pedicures. It may sound funny, but they smell really DELICIOUS, and they really bring that old-fashioned fair atmosphere to the salon. Plus, spa pedicures are calorie-free.

We hope to see you soon!