A Tiny Bit of Change

Isn't it funny that when we do something drastic like cut our long hair off, or put extensions in short hair, it's inevitable that it will take at least a week before people notice? On the other hand, sometimes we do a minor change and everyone notices right away.

A customer of mine recently told me that she's done all sorts of things with her hair and her husband never says anything, but when she got her eyebrows waxed, he was amazed. And loved it. And asked her if she was gonna keep it up.

Funny, but I think it's sometimes the little changes that improve us, not necessarily the big ones. I guess my point is that if you've been feeling a little icky, or bored, maybe all you need is a tiny little improvement.

Come reshape your eyebrows. Or tweek your color; maybe something that will enhance your skin tone for fall or winter. Get some new makeup ideas. Maybe some bangs; flattering on everyone! Or maybe all you need is a deep conditioning treatment to restore the shine back in your hair.

It really doesn't take much. If only losing a few pounds could be so easy!

Stuck in a Style Rut?

Do you feel like you are caught in a style rut? If you agree wholeheartedly with that statement, now would be a perfect time to dig yourself out of it. The rut, that is.

People have been asking me lately, What's new for Fall?

In haircolor, "peachy" blondes are in. That means golden tones with hints of strawberry color -- just like a peach looks. Other haircolor will be earthier, deeper, richer, and full of shine. More auburns will be seen in warm, rich, natural tones. We will also see more hidden dimensional color, not obvious stripes.

Even Jennifer Anniston, who doesn't stray from her haircolor much, has recently added panels of a darker chocolate brown that shows when the hair moves.

With haircuts, they are all very versatile and there is something for every length. Cropped pixie, classic bob, and soft long feminine looks. All of these cuts will have texture and lots of layers and, yes, the trend of bangs is still going strong.

NEWS POST: Cultures Welcomes Robert Tanner, LMT

We are excited to announce the addition of Robert Tanner to our team and invite you to stop by and see our new facility.

Robert is a licensed massage therapist and a 2006 graduate of the Myotherapy College of Utah. He specializes in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, and is also experienced in Pregnancy, Spinal Touch, and Injury care.

For more information about massage services, which start as low as $15, please call (801) 776-9229 or visit our Service Menu.