The Big Move

We did it. We moved! Well.... sort of. We moved to another part of our same building. Really just down the hall, if you want to get technical.

It was a lot of hard work. Okay, not as hard as moving irrigation pipe (which I've done also, thank you very much), but, still hard. Painting walls is not as fun as painting hair, at least not to me.

We have a nice, big, cozy treatment room -- larger than our other one. That's where we now do our massages, facials, waxing, and other spa services. The new room has an old fireplace, which adds a homey feel to it. And, just for fun, we added an ipod dock in there. So, for those who don't particularly enjoy the flutey massage music, you can listen to your own playlist while you relax.

I definitely recommend trying a massage. We have a new massage therapist who does an incredible job! In fact, one of our clients who receives massage on a regular basis from other places said to me (after trying our massage), "People always told me they feel like they are going to melt after a massage. I never knew what they meant, until now." Now that's a hefty compliment!

So, come in. Take a break. Check out our semi-new facility. Treat yourself. Maybe with a little relaxation, you'll actually be able to enjoy them this year. (The holidays, that is. Or your in-laws. Whichever.)

My, How Time Has Flown!

You haven't seen anything from me for a bit because I took a short vacation. Went to California. Did the Disneyland thing, and Hollywood. Got the grand tour of Angels stadium with my friend Hannah.

Hannah works in PR with the Jazz and the Bees (check out her blog "General-Lee Speaking" on, so the Angels PR department rolled out some red carpet for us, or at least some grass. It was fantastic. Got to stand at home plate, sit in the dugout, see the inner workings of a professional baseball club. I coulda come home inspired by the baseball caps, but luckily for you, I ended my trip with a couple days in sunny San Diego.

Being there reminded me how much I love the beach, and inspired me to create more of the beachy hair waves look, even as we head into a Utah winter. I mean, why not bring in a little California sun and style to help us get through the snowy days ahead?

Besides that, I think sometimes we should work with the hair we have; stop fighting with it. We end up spending our days (or at least a few minutes) walking from home, to the car, to work - outside in the rain and wind and snow. It gets messed up anyway. We may as well go with the flow, or the flowy.

The best part is that waves create a great base of style that you can work with throughout the day, adapt as needed, even into a more styled look for evening.

It's so easy to get beachy waves in your hair. I have found many fun products that can help you achieve this look. But, it does take the right products, and the knowhow. I have those. I can show you. Or, at least tell you. Just send me an email.

Go ahead! Turn yourself into the beach babe you've always wanted to be. (Locals, I recommend holding off on the bikini for now though. At least until the snow melts. )

And, a little word about color...

Typically, we all tend to go a little darker in the Fall/Winter months, whether naturally, or by color. Coming from California recently, I've also been inspired to mix it up a bit. Put a lighter highlight in with your darker shade. I've done it on a few people already and it turned out gorgeous! (Nuthin' like patting yourself on the back, eh?) But really, the colors were so pretty. A perfect combination of both seasons. Plus, adding some warmer shades can give a great "sunny" effect without having to be light.

If you have questions on finding a combo color that works for you, email me. Or better yet, schedule a color consultation. We can give you some ideas to work with.