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Don't Read this Post if You're Sensitive About Your Hair

I tried to warn you. I really don't want to offend, but there is something about UTAH HAIR that is driving me crazy. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Idaho is known for it's cutting edge style or anything. It's just that, sometimes, too often, a trend catches on in Utah and it just takes over. It spreads like wildfire. And if you're into this trend right now, you are gonna get burned. By this post. So, really, please, stop reading...

News Flash: We Don't Believe In BACKCOMBING!

I hardly dare say it because I know some of you are not gonna like it. Actually, I take that back. I DO dare say it. I say it all the time. To my customers. And anyone else who will listen.

I'm fed up with it. I just don't get it. Everyone does it WAY too much. I've seen some so bad it looks like they have a square box pinned in their hair. Honey, wake up! It's doesn't look good. It's not flattering. You're ruining your hair.

Why don't we like it? Well, since you asked...

It seems to be virtually impossible for people to backcomb their own hair and then smooth it over so it doesn't look like a fat rats' nest. I don't know if they don't own two mirrors, if they can't crane their necks, or if they just give up trying to smooth and decide to go with it.

The other reason I don't recommend it is because it is VERY BAD for your hair. Roughing up the cuticle makes hair more fragile, and causes it to break. We had a new client in this week that said she used to backcomb her hair, but now it just doesn't seem to work as well. Plus, her already fine hair was "falling out" and getting thinner. HELLO! Her hair was not "falling" out. It was completely broken off from the "volume" she was creating nearly every day. No wonder it stopped working. She has no hair left back there to volumize. It's actually not a unique case. We see it all the time. Some girls have done it so much that their hair looks like a nest, even when they haven't ratted it.

Now, does that mean we expect women to just walk around with flat, limp hair? Well, no. That's just ridiculous. What we expect is for people to GET VOLUME the CORRECT WAY. Using modern products. New technology. Common sense.

When is backcombing acceptable? Only for special occassions (read: weddings, proms) when the hair not only needs tons of volume, but it needs to last through the all-nite party. Backcombing works for updos. So, unless you're a wedding gown model...

Don't do it! If it's volume you need, there are many, many ways to achieve volume. Volume happens from the moment you shampoo, or when you blow dry, and as you begin to style your hair. It's not the last thing you do. It happens throughout your entire hair routine. For extra help, use velcro rollers, curling irons, flat irons, thermal styling products, texture sprays, root boosters, volumizing products. So many options. There are hundreds of techniques out there that will give you volume and still let you have healthy, shiny, smooth hair. Now, who wouldn't want that?

One last thing, it really helps to have a good hair cut. By someone who really knows what they're doing. When your stylist is styling your hair, ask for tips on getting a lot of volume out of your hair. If they show you how to backcomb, especially in the crown, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! It just means they don't know any more about getting volume than you do.

Valentine Makeover Winners Announced

A big THANK YOU to everyone who entered our makeover contest. We are excited to announce the following winner(s):

Diane wins a makeover package including Haircolor, Haircut & Style, Deep Conditioning Treatment, Makeup Application, and her choice of a Spa Pedicure, a European Facial, or a One Hour Massage. That's a pretty sweet package. Congratulations Diane!

Deborah C. - RUNNER UP
Deborah wins a makeover package including Haircolor, Haircut & Style, Deep Conditioning Treatment, and Makeup Application. Congratulations Deborah!

Debbie D. & Rowena W. - SEMI FINALISTS
Debbie and Rowena each win a $50 Gift Card. Congratulations Debbie & Rowena!