Don't Shampoo Every Day? This Post Is For You.

I am definitely a "wash-my-hair-every-single-day" kind of gal. Don't like the grease. Can't stand the smell of day old scalp. But, this weekend, I willingly sacrificed for your sake. Generous, I know. As promised to those of you who follow us on Twitter, here are the results of my personal test of the new 7Seconds Dry Shampoo by Unite...

I tried it. And I was really IMPRESSED. It's a good product. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not going to change my habits, mind you. But, if I were in a bind, I would definitely want this product on my side.

For those of you that are confused by the words 'dry' and 'shampoo': This is a dry aerosol that helps mop up oil and take away the smells in your hair so that you don't have to wash it. (Think truck drivers, campers, sick people, people who go clubbin' in smoke-filled joints all night then have to get up and go to work in the morning and don't have time to shower, and any others who just don't want to wash their hair, for whatever reason.)

My hair gets super oily on Day 2. I can't stand not washing (& conditioning) my hair every day. So I figured I would be a good test case for this product.

I sprayed in the 7Seconds Dry Shampoo and, as the instructions said, did a 'light dusting motion' with my other hand. It actually worked well enough that my hair didn't look wet any more. (Sick, I know.) I probably wouldn't wear my hair down, but I could wear a decent ponytail and my bangs looked fairly normal. Also my head didn't itch and, personally, I didn't "feel" like I hadn't washed it.

The night before I tried it out, I did some serious cooking and had all sorts of smoke/meat/onion smells stuck in my hair. After using the dry shampoo, it had a nice fresh baby powder scent. I was extremely impressed with this. I'm guessing it would be a great item for campers. Get out that smoke smell. And I guess all of you clubbers out there too.

Anyway, would I recommend this product? Absolutely!

Interested in getting some? We sell it here.
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Luxurious Lashes

So, long luxurious lashes are all the rage. We see them EVERYWHERE. I loooove the look, but I have a little problem. I'm lazy. I could use false eyelashes, but to get those on perfectly (for me) takes hours. I would try lash extensions, but seriously, they take about 2 hours to apply, and you have to get them refitted about every 2 to 3 weeks. I don't have that much extra time nor do I want to shell out the extra cash for that. (The good ones can cost close to $200 each visit.)

Well, Mirabella came to my rescue and I am tickled pink! They just came out with the Fringe Benefits Eyelash Kit. Now, that's something I figured I could do. It doesn't seem like I would have to exert too much effort. I mean, I already put on mascara, so how hard could it be?

Funny thing is, I've always been fairly satisfied with my left side lashes when they have mascara. But my right ones have always been sparse and stubby.

The kit comes with a product called Lash Therapy, which is a conditioner you put on at night to condition, lengthen, and strengthen. I've been using the kit for over a month now and my lashes are DEFINITELY longer. My right side isn't so stubby anymore. YAY! And the best part? The kit costs less than $60. (Lash Therapy is less than $20 when purchased separately.)

The second step in the kit is the Lash Definition Primer. This is a product you put on before your mascara. It has little fibers in it to help lengthen and thicken your lashes as you are waiting for them to grow. So, in the meantime, you can fake it!

Finally, the third step is the mascara, called Lash Essential Mascara. It is applied over the top of the primer. This mascara is great. It doesn't flake or run off - unless maybe you take a 3 hour nap on your face. But, really, who has time for that? Also, it doesn't make my lashes crispy and I'm not allergic to it. (I am to several others.) Holler!

So, if you catch me batting my long, natural eyelashes at you, don't be flattered. It's just because I want to SHOW THEM OFF!

ps: Interested in buying the kit? Visit our online store. Go to (In the "For Your Face" section.)

Beauty Week on "Light Refreshments Served"

If you haven't visited the "Light Refreshments Served" blog before... why not?! But this week there's even more reason to check it out.

My fabulous and talented friend Lisa is one of their writers, and this week she's writing about beauty -- and letting me help her. Not only will there be great beauty tips all week long, but we'll be giving away some big prizes. A prize each day for six days!

So, what are you still doing on my blog? Get outta here! Go win some stuff! Click this link...

{4/19/09: Although the Beauty Week giveaways have ended, you can still see all of the beauty tips by visiting the link.}

Spring Trend Watch

Well, I guess we can TALK about spring, even though it doesn't FEEL at all like spring yet.
(Did that sound bitter?)

Let's look (longingly) ahead to the spring weather and go over a few of the styling trends that you will see this season...

If you're loving your long hair but need a few ideas to update, BRAIDS are a good way to go. Not a Marsha Brady French braid. Not Bo Derek braids. Think Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars braids. Now THAT is the spring braid we are talking about. One or two braids (or three) that are nice, small, and clean - very chic.

If you want to pull off a more sexy look (who doesn't, really?), keep the braid loose. See Kate Hudson for the always sexy look.

This season is still about hair with lots of texture. Not so smooth, sleek, and perfectly ironed. Use your natural texure, if you have it. If your hair is perfectly straight, try braiding your hair in several different braids, spray it with a thermal styling spray, flat iron over the top of each braid, let it cool down, and then undo them. Voila! Texture.

Ponytails are still great. (Yay for me!) Although, they never really go out of style. The way you do the ponytail is what determines if it is "fresh" or not. Wear a super sleek pony with a section of hair covering your rubber band, or hair with lots of texture and loosely pulled up into the ponytail.

If you have (or want) short hair, it's all about the Long Bob. Think Gwyneth Paltrow, or Heidi Klum. Very classy, and very sassy!

These are just a few of the styling trends you'll be seeing this spring. Give them a try.

On a side note, for those of you who are paying attention to all of the bright colors in fashion for spring: If you are a little leary, but still want to play... Paint a bright color on your short nails. Try OPI's "Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot" to give you a little splash of the spring hues.

And, finally, we will be attending one of our annual hair shows in May where we will learn all sorts of new cut and color techniques. I'll keep you posted on what we find there.

A Whole New (Mini) You!

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