Fried Ice Cream Pedi Love

We got a little love from the hillarious & talented blogger Motherboard. This is from a post about our pedicure products on her blog "Crazyland: {tales} from the Motherboard."

. . . I was sent the most incredible pedicure package from to try and review. Can I just say HOLY COW, people?! Divine heaven, if I say so myself! Without a shadow of a doubt, and with every fiber of my being I can say that Cultures Salon flavor of the month is true! It has rocked my world, and forever changed my feet! If you have read me for any period of time, you know that my last home pedicure was disastrous. But, Cultures Salon was not. Oh my, No siree! It was sheer bliss!...

Thank you!

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We loved her review so much, we decided to advertise on one of her blogs!