Burn. Ouch!

Okay people, we still have another whole month of summer left and I’m already seeing hair in pretty sad condition.

So let's talk about sunburns, shall we?

The sun burns. If you don't use good protection... It burns your skin. It burns your eyes. And, in case you didn't know, it can burn your hair. Crazy, but it's true.

Some things that can affect the amount of sun damage that you get are:

The time of day. You are more likely to get a sunburn between 10am and 4pm, when the sun's rays are the strongest. You might think you have less chance of getting a sunburn on cloudy days, but that isn't true.

Reflective surfaces, such as water, light colored sand, concrete, ice, and snow can all increase your chances of getting burned. All of these reflect the sun's rays and cause sunburns.

Altitude. It is easy to get sunburned at higher altitudes, because there is less of the earth's atmosphere to block the sunlight. UV exposure increases about 4% for every 1000 ft gain in elevation.

The bad thing is, the hair doesn't have natural self-healing properties like the skin, so damage done to the hair can be even harder to remedy.

So, what can you do if your hair is feeling like straw?

First, we recommend getting a good, professional deep conditioning treatment. Unlike a hot oil treatment which just coats the surface of the hair to make it feel better, professional treatments are made to actually repair the damage and return moisture to the hair.

Next, get regular haircuts. Some damage cannot be repaired and may have to be cut off, but the most important thing is to make sure you are having the ends trimmed regularly.

Finally, use products that are specifically made to protect the hair from sun damage.

We carry the Serie Expert Solar Sublime products. Not only do these products protect the hair from the uv rays, they also protect from chlorine buildup.

Chlorine is another problem we see a lot during this time of year. Chlorine buildup not only affects the color of your hair (ie: blondes get a green hue), but it also leaves a yucky coating and unnatural sheen on the surface.

The best thing you can do to remove chlorine buildup is to get a professional clarifying treatment. It also helps to get a good clarifying shampoo and use it immediately after swimming. Another trick is to buy a cheap, waxy conditioner and apply it to your hair before you swim. This will create a barrier and protect the chlorine from getting into your hair. And, again, use hair products that are made to protect the hair from chlorine and other chemicals.

If you have any questions about sun damage to the hair, leave us a comment here, or just email us at: info@culturessalon.com and we will respond to you directly. Enjoy the rest of your summer!