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Such an honor to have our Fried Ice Cream Pedi by Mail named as one of Liv's Favs.

Fun blog. Thanks for the love, Liv!

Part Two: Feeling Tired. Setting A New Goal.

Thanks for your emails! Here are a few ladies who want to relax and try something new also.

Jamie - She said, "If I had the money I would try them all... I don't think I would complain about any treatment." But the thing she's most curious to try is a hot stone massage. Now that's my kind of relaxation too!

Melissa - She told me, "I've really wanted to try one of those temporary texture treatments in my hair to see how it looks. It sounds like fun to have curly hair for awhile!" She can relax getting the treatment, and then relax every day when she doesn't have to spend so much time on her hair!

Stephanie - Her email said, "I would do the body wrap. Totally. I've never had one before." Two great minds think alike!

Kimberly Anne - She said, "I would love to try a facial! I hear they are wonderful!" She's right. They are wonderful!

We are going to treat them to their dream services. Can't wait to hear what they think. Off to accomplish my goal too! See you soon ladies.

Feeling Tired. Setting A New Goal.

I don’t know about you all, but I’m tired lately.

Tired of hearing about the economy. Tired of doing laundry. Tired of the summer always going too fast.

I need a pick me up… and fast!

I considered increasing my daily doses of caffeine but, since I'm not even sure that's possible, I thought maybe I would make a little more effort to exercise each day instead. And to get more sleep at night. Maybe that will perk me up a little?

I also decided to take advantage of some rejuvenation options here at work. I mean, what better way to rest than to get pampered? My own 'pampering' usually ends up being 20 minutes crammed in here-and-there when an appointment finishes early, or when I have a last minute reschedule. Not that I'm complaining about being busy, mind you. It's just, I think I need to make more of an effort to relax. Now that's my kind of goal! Relax more.

So, I am going to put myself on a program. Maybe I'll do a series of chemical peels. Or massages. Or maybe a series of the bodywraps. We just recently had another training on them and I am even more intrigued. The wraps we do here are for detoxification, smoothing out cellulite, and inch loss. Now that is perking me up already! I have to admit, even though we do quite a few of them, I have only ever had one wrap myself. I did experience some nice firming in my upper arm, so it would be nice to see what a series of them will do...

Hmm. Wish me luck. I think I'm ready to work on my new goal now.

As for you... Is there something you're curious about trying, but haven't dared yet? Which series of treatments would you do if you could do anything? Write me an email and tell me what service(s) you would try. Are you willing to do some laundry to trade for said treatments? {You think I'm kidding, but I'm not!}

Pedi Love

We love hearing from other bloggers who've tried our products. Here's a darling blog from mom-to-be Kris who wrote about winning one of our pedicure kits. Thanks for the love Kris, and keep up the great blog!