Part Three: Feeling Tired. Setting A New Goal.

Wow. I can't believe it's been two months since I set my new goal to relax more.

So far, I'm kind of disappointed in myself. I haven't even done a series of anything yet. But, in the way of progress, I did find time for a couple of pedicures (which were great!). And I got my hair colored (finally!). Oh, and I took a vacation (family reunions count, right?). So I think I'm making a little progress.

Some of our blogger friends also took a little time out for themselves. Thanks for coming in and trying something new, ladies! Here's what they had to say about their relaxation time...

She was selected to try the Body Wrap but, since it's not recommended for women who are pregnant, she opted for the Spa Pedicure instead. Congratulations Stephanie!

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for my spa pedicure! It was much needed and MUCH appreciated... I was relaxed and rejuvenated to better handle my daily stress! I appreciate your suggestion to look for ways to help others out. I have been doing that as much as I can, and even though it's not as luxurious as a spa pedicure, I like to think I'm helping relieve a bit of stress from those around me. Thanks again, it was wonderful!"

She had tried massage before, but this was Jamie's first Hot Stone Massage. What a great way to relax. Thanks for giving it a try Jamie!

"I am a triathlete in training so my body is always tight from biking, running, and swimming. The hot stone massage was a great way to loosen up my muscles and make my body feel fabulous! If I could have one every week I would. Thanks so much to Cultures Salon for a fabulous 90 minutes of relaxation and pampering."

Although she wished the Temporary Texture Service would have lasted longer in her hair, Melissa had plenty of nice things to say about her visit. Thanks for coming Melissa!

Thanks so much for letting me come in and have this free service. It was nice to spend time being pampered, something that doesn't happen for me too often... Your salon is darling. The stylist who did my service was cute and personable and professional... It seems like the salon has a fun, relaxed atmosphere and offers a lot of great services at affordable prices... The thing I liked most about your salon was that it was trendy and fun without being pretentious."