Holiday Bling

Want to look as good as your tree? Here are a few tips to give you some holiday flair.

Gold is a huge color for the holidays. Use just a bit of it to accent some of the clothes you're already sportin'. A shiny necklace, bracelet, or a sequined tank underneath a cardigan, a comfy sweater or a jacket is a great way to add a little holiday shimmer.

Don't think that you are only limited to gold. Silver works just as well, but gold is THE thing for this season. Add a bit of shiny silver the same way without having to get a whole new wardrobe for Christmas. Although, that wouldn't be too bad, would it?

Add some shimmer to your face by getting a gold or silver sparkly eyeshadow to add just a splash of festive. There are also mineral-based finishing face powders that are great for the skin and have a touch of shimmer to give your skin a great glow. We use Mirabella's Pure Sun (which has a gold shimmer) and Illuminate (which has a bit of a silver shimmer). These are nice and light and are not glittery, but give a beautiful holiday glow.

Add a bit of sparkle to your fingernails, or use a bold color. OPI has some really, really fun colors for the season this year.

Use hair accessories. These are another big thing for the season. Headbands, clippies, barrettes, bows; There are all sorts of fun things to top you off. Make sure the accessory is in proportion with your hairstyle and length. For example, don't wear a huge peacock headband or ginormous flower if you have short hair. It looks precious on a baby, but that's about it. You don't have to spend a lot on hair accessories. I like to look around at the craft stores and find things that I think would be cute glued on a bobby pin or clippie. I have also purchased cheap dollar store headbands and found fun pins, etc. to put on those as well. This could be a fun craft project, for those of you with some spare time in December. ;)

A Word to the Wise: Although it seems obvious, I'd better say it anyway... Don't do all of these things at once. Just pick one or two. You don't want to look like a walking Christmas tree!

Happy Holidays!

Holidays Got You Down?

Are you already feeling overwhelmed and stressed out about the holidays? Me too! It seems to come around way too quickly. Well, I'm here to help, hopefully. Today I'm going to help you cope a little better through this crazy yet fun season. Let's talk a little bit about the S word - STRESS.

When people believe the demands made of them exceed their ability to cope, they will experience stress.

Did you know that over a prolonged period of time, too much stress can lead to chronic headaches, high blood pressure, ulcers, heart disease and other health problems? In fact, some doctors believe that 90% of all illnesses are stress related.

There is no need for stress to affect your health in that way, especially during the holidays. What are some ways to destress? Here are a few pointers to get you through this demanding time of the year:

1: Get up 15 min. earlier. This can help with morning mishaps and also with the fact that you might need to unbury or scrape off your car.

2: Prepare for the morning the night before. Know what you are going to wear and what you will have for breakfast. This is much better than just skipping breakfast, a big problem we have in this culture.

3: Set appointments early. The holidays are busy for everyone. That includes salons, doctors, dentists, etc. Everyone wants to feel good (and look precious) for family gatherings, just like you! Looking at our own books, I would highly advise you make your holiday appointments ASAP so we can fit you all in. We want you to look good too!

Sidenote: Set your salon appointments right now while you're thinking about it.
Email: appointments(at)
Text: 801.698.9603

4: Write things down. When there are a lot of things going on in our heads, we tend to forget the responsibilities we have more often. There are a ton of things to get done this time of year and we don't want you to forget Grma L's present!

5: Take advantage of off-hours shoppping. Avoid the crowds as much as you can to save yourself some time and stress. For us, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are great days to come.

6: Relax your standards. Know that everything is not going to run perfectly. When it does, it'll be a great surprise!

7: Establish a serene place of your own. For some it's the bathroom, because that's the only door that kids can't get into. For others it's their bedroom. Whatever it is, light some candles, turn off your phone, read a good book. I just started In the Dark Streets Shineth: A 1941 Christmas Eve Story by David McCullough. (For bookclub, hope it's good!)

8: Reward yourself after stressful activities. Stop for a special lunch with friends (only if they are friends that don't stress you out.) Get a pedicure, get your hair done - something that makes you feel better about yourself. I like to sit down with my good friend, Diet Coke.

9: Unwind before bedtime. Write things down that need to be done or that are worrying you so your busy mind won't keep you awake at night. Do some stretching exercises to get the kinks out. Read. Or, my personal favorite, listen to music. These things will help you sleep better and that is a huge stress reliever.

10: Get a massage. There are many benefits in getting a massage, but the best one of all is having that stress melt away. If you are worried about the whole clothes thing, there are plenty of options to try that don't involve undressing. A Chair Massage is a great way to start. They're short (usually 15 minutes) and you stay clothed. I like a Foot & Leg massage after a long day. I get to soak my feet in a warm bath and have just my feet and legs rubbed. It only takes 30 minutes. At Cultures, we also offer a complete, one-hour table massage called the ModMassage which doesn't require undressing. Come to think of it, I will follow up with another post that details all the health benefits of massage. In the meantime, you can check out our services menu for information about different massages.

11: Drink lots of water. It sounds lame, but it really does help flush out toxins that can develop even quicker while the body is under intense stress.

12: Exercise. Even if it's just walking a little more each day, get that body moving. Maybe volunteer to shovel the snow. I'm telling you, this is a great workout. ;)

I hope this helps give you a few ways to get through this hectic season but also be able to enjoy more of this wonderful time of year.

2 Ideas to Spice Up Your Holiday Haircolor

Balayage: This is a highlighting technique from France that has grown more and more popular here in the past few years. Balayage creates completely different looking highlights than what we traditionally see. The highlighted pieces do not come straight out of the head, or straight out of the part. In fact, with Balayage, it's difficult to tell where the highlighted pieces originate. The Balayage technique is more of a creative, freehand painting by the stylist (sometimes even called hair painting) which allows them to place the color in their own freeform way, accentuating the great things you already have working for you. Think Jennifer Anniston's color. Actually, just about every magazine cover has a celebrity with this type of technique done on them. It makes the highlights look more natural and I think the overall color looks more beautiful, like how your hair looked when you were a kid.

Ombre Effect: Ombre is French for shaded. It is all the rage in fall fashion, and hair trends generally mimic fashion trends. In haircolor, ombre means that it is deep at the roots and gradually lightens up at the ends. This trend is very far from the highlight-coming-directly-out-of-your-head look that we have been so used to seeing. Want to check out some stars that have perfected this fun look? Look up some recent pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker, Lake Bell, and Shenae Grimes. This is a perfect transitional look going into fall/winter because it can give a "been at the beach all summer" feel. This technique is not just for blondes, but will be a huge trend for brunettes as well. Actually, I almost like it better on brunettes. It makes their color more interesting and daring. See Shenae's picture to get an idea of this.

Fall Trends

Have you heard the word ombre? If not, now you have. You may as well learn it, because you are going to see it all over the place as a trend for fall. It's a French word, an adjective, that means shaded or graduated in tone. It is used to describe colors that are, well, shaded or graduated in tone. In fashion and beauty, it can be applied to a shading technique in makeup, clothing, or hair. And it looks perfectly gorgeous when done correctly.

Bright red lips, or orange, or pink are in style for fall. I mean bright! If you want to try this technique, make your eye makeup subtle while you play up your lips. If you're nervous to go all out with the lipstick, try a bright lip gloss. It may be easier for you to pull off because it won't feel like a solid block of color.

In nail color, we are seeing several versions of blue-greens and teals and, yes, they are for the fingers, not just the toes! Nail art is making a comeback as well. Shorter, square(ish) nails are still in style. Creative Nail has started a great trend of layering nail polish to achieve different looks. So fun! Also, Shellac is going huge, huge, huge all over the world!

In fashion, you have probably seen plaid. Lots and lots of plaid. Wouldn't that be cute on your toes? Just sayin.

Blowouts are all the rage in bigger cities. That is a service where you go to the salon for a shampoo and style only. There are even shops opening up that do just blowout services. I'm sure we will see this trend come to fruition in our local area a bit later, but how fun will that be? Look for those blowout services to be 'tweaked' on our menu soon.

There, I gave you a few more reasons to be excited for fall.

{Side Note: Apologies to Michelle, who actually gave you these new ideas to be excited for fall back in, uhmm, July or August. I just barely got around to posting them. Now hurry and take her advice, before all of your friends do!}


We just added a new service to our massage menu and can I say... Heaven?! I think I already did. I just happened to be the very first one to try our revamped 30 Minute Foot and Leg Massage (with warm foot bath). Aren't I lucky? I got to soak in our portable foot tub with a delicious eucalyptus soak. I then got a fabulous massage on my feet and legs from our wonderful massage therapist, Clay. He used a mint foot lotion that makes your feet and legs feel energized. He did a great job and it left me rather useless for the remainder of the day. Jealous? ;)

Trust is the Basis of Any Relationship

This may seem like a long rant from a crazy stylist, but stick with me. I think you'll see how I'm trying to help you here. Yes you, you know who you are.

The past couple months, I've had the opportunity to fix some pretty bad haircuts (and color services) for new clients. As I consult with them and try to understand what went wrong at their previous salon, it gives me an opportunity to analyze the stylist/client communication process and to figure out how the, uhmm, whole mess happened in the first place.

Well, I've figured out what happened to some of you. (Not all, but some.) And I'm here to tell it to you straight. Here it is...

You are your hair's worst enemy. Really, you are.

I understand it's scary to trust someone with your hair. I understand that people have bad experiences. I understand that some stylists out there are not as trained or educated as they should be. Believe me, I know these things. I also understand that your previous bad experiences can make you leery, nervous, obsessive. I get that. Really, I do.

At some point, however, you have to relinquish control. You have no choice. You have not been trained. And even if you kinda have, you can't cut your own hair. Believe me, if you could, I would.

Sadly, from what I have seen in my zillion years of experience as a stylist, and an instructor, and a salon consulatant, my professional opinion is this....

Often, your technical and specific instructions to the stylist are what's ruining your hair.

Countless customers come with information that hinders their situation more than it helps. This is even more true when you pass that information on (usually in the form of specific rules or directions) to a young or inexperienced stylist. This is the worst combination. You with your zero cutting and color knowledge, giving specific directions to someone with only a tiny handful of knowledge and even less confidence to tell you that what you're saying won't work. What usually happens is that these stylists follow your instructions, exactly. And you end up with a mess.

Generally, we don't need to know what tube or number or brand or type of color you think we should use, what perm we should use, how many inches long each of your layers should be, or what angle to hold our scissors when we cut certain parts of your hair. We also don't need to know which of our tools we should use to cut your hair.

We just need to know what you want your end result to be.

What we're really trying to figure out by talking to you is what you like and don't like about your hair, and how you want it to look. If you start throwing out what you think should be done to achieve that end result, you are putting your hair in serious jeopardy. You are second guessing what your stylist has decided to do to get the best result, and it makes them second guess themselves. Then, instead of doing what they've been taught to do, they go with what you told them to do. And then neither one of you is happy. It sounds crazy, but I'm telling you that I've seen it happen. Many stylists will just do what you ask, even if they don't have a clue why.

How can you end up with what you really want? First off, ask for a referral from someone whose hair you like. The majority of my clients first came to me by recommendation from another client. Many of them saw one of my clients at the gym, or a grocery store, and just asked them who does their hair.

Next, make sure the stylist consults with you before they start doing your hair. As you talk, you will get a feel for how the stylist works, and if they're listening to what you're saying. Sometimes figuring out this communication perfectly will take you a couple tries, but you should know very quickly whether they care to understand you or not.

Use pictures if you have them, but don't forget to ask if the style you are describing will work with your hair, and your lifestyle. When doing color, make sure that what you're asking for will not significantly compromise the integrity of your hair, or ask if it can be better achieved over time instead of in one appointment.

If you're unsure of the stylist, start with something simple. Just get a trim, or a style. This will give you time to talk about what you would really like to do in the future, and to ask lots of questions.

Have questions that you don't want to ask your stylist, or something else you want to share? Please feel free to comment on this post, or email me at: michelle(at) and I will respond to you directly.

8 Things You Didn't Know About Moroccanoil Products

Most of you know about their signature oil product called Moroccanoil, but here are a few things that you may not know about the rest of their product line...

The hairspray is progessive. The more you use, the stronger the hold.

The hairspray can be used with heat (before curling iron, flat iron, blow dryer) and is similar to Infinium (where you don't really feel it in the hair).

The shimmer spray adds shine, but it is also a UV protectant for the hair.

Spray the shimmer spray on your hair before swimming and it will protect your hair from chlorine. No turning your blondes green with this product!

The shimmer spray can be sprayed on the body to brighten up dull-looking tattoos. Random I know, but we've tried it and it really works.

We can mix the oil with your color service before applying it to the hair. It doesn't affect the outcome of your color, but it protects the hair and keeps it in even better condition ($5 add-on).

The shampoo and conditioner are free of sulfates, which is great for keeping your color service looking fresh.

Moroccanoil makes 2 deep conditioning treatments that target specific needs; One for adding strength and one for adding moisture.

Product Spotlight - Instant Wrinkle Eraser

It's like botox on a budget! (I'm not kidding either.)

We have stumbled onto an incredible new product. It's called Gone in 60 Seconds Instant Wrinkle Eraser. This product activates on contact to visibly erase fine lines and deep wrinkles instantly. It also firms and reduces puffiness all day long.

Click HERE to see a video showing how the product works.

If you want to give it a try, come in and we will do a free demo on you. We think you'll be happy with the results. I am!

Regular retail price is $29.95. Our featured price is only $19.95, and we have the product in stock.

Tan me!

Sadly, I don't get a nice bronze tan in the summer as I am inside seemingly 24/7. I get to see outside, which is great, but my pasty white skin is a dead giveaway that I'm not actually outside as much as I'd like to be. Well, not any more!

Hempz has come out with a fabulous new self tanning lotion. It's actually a moisturizing lotion, that has gradual self-tanners in it. So it looks natural, never streaky, and it's not orange. When used over time, it gives the skin a nice, healthy, bronze glow.

I love it. Just sayin.

Color Correction? Not So Fast!

You went from blonde to brown to red to black, and now you want to go back to blonde again? Can't you just put on a blonde color and waalaa...beautiful bombshell blonde?

Not so fast! Sadly, color doesn't work that way.

If you are that dark of a color and you want to still have hair when you're done, going back to blonde will be a lengthy process.

We recommend (and so do all of the top celebrity colorists in the world) that you do so very gradually. That means that you should be a dark brown with some medium to light brown highlights for a few months. Then, maybe a few more highlights put in for more of a medium brown. Wear that for a few months. Then, a few more to become dark blonde, etc, etc. When we do it in stages, you can have a beautiful, natural-looking color at every stage of reversal.

The reason it needs to be gradual is because everything you did on your hair has to be undone. If you try to do it all in one appointment, 1.) you wouldn't have hair. Your hair is not strong enough to withstand all of those processes. It will break off. If you do it gradually, you will give the hair time to rest and recover in between each process. 2.) We have no idea what has been put on your hair. This means it is a guessing game for how your hair will react until we dig in. 3.) Red is the hardest color to get out of the hair, especially an unnatural red color. 4.) Refer to number 1.

We care about your hair. We want you to be happy with the results, but we also want you to have healthy shiny hair. I guess what I'm saying is be patient, it can be done, but not as fast as you were hoping. Good hair is a choice. Make the right one!

Spring Hair Show

It finally came! And now, I'm finally writing about it.

Our staff went to the Peerless Beauty Supply Spring Hair & Nail Show at the beginning of May and had a great time. You can see pictures from some of the classes on our flickr page.

What's in and new you ask? I'm so glad you did!

A lot of the spring trends in hair this year are more geometric shapes, and more blunt cuts (but still blended in). Beatles inspired cuts are in fashion as well; Think Dorothy Hamill with a twist. Blunt, full bangs are still traipsing around and lots of really cute disconnected cuts. Disconnected means that it almost looks like two different haircuts are going on at the same time, and not really blended together.

We also saw hidden things in haircuts. For instance, if you part your hair on one side, you can have bangs; Flip it over to the other side, and you don't have any bangs at all. What a great way to switch things up and keep you from getting bored.

Color is very fun and bold. You can get great multi-dimensional looks without a million foils in the head. Bright colors were all the rage and actually looked very flattering and tasteful. Picture a bright red with even brighter red panels. So cute!

We also attended classes by several great artists. We really enjoyed Greg Hinshaw from Sun Valley, Ben Mollin who appeared in the debut season of "Shear Genius," Damien Carney, Award-winning colorist Sue Pemberton, William Whatley from the show "Ambush Makeover," Michael Haase, and many many more influential stylists who were willing to teach us a thing or two about the industry.

Creative Nail (CND) also launched a new product called Shellac that we have been pretty hyped about. It's a nail polish that lasts two weeks (on your hands), dries in minutes, and doesn't have to be filed off. It protects and strengthens your natural nails, and it looks fabulous! It can also be used on the toes for super-shiny, long-lasting color.

We learned lots of other things that would probably bore you all to tears, so we will spare you the details and just let you know that we are excited. If you're bored with your style right now, I bet we have a few solutions for you. ;)


We are soooooo excited!
(Was that enough o's to demonstrate how excited we are?)

One of the great things introduced at the Peerless Spring Hair Show was from Creative Nail Design. It is called Shellac. You've probably seen it in nearly every beauty magazine or heard the talk online. This is a nail polish that cures under the UV lamp. The first of it's kind. And it's crazy popular.

Why is this so great? Because you can get your pedicure or manicure, then get your nails polished, and then leave with them completely dry and looking fabulously shiny. Best of all, it lasts! Shellac wears for 14 days on the hands and over a month on the feet, and still looks shiny and freshly polished. Previously, you could only get that kind of wearability by having artificial nails, which can feel bulky and require a lot of maintenance. Shellac feels just like a regular nail polish, but it's ultra shiny and made to last. When it's time to change polish, Shellac can be easily removed with 10 minutes of soaking - no drilling, filing, or damage to your natural nails!

Love having polished nails on your hands but your polish chips in like a day? Get Shellac and you will look great for 2 weeks. Come try it!

Shellac alone is $30
With a manicure or pedicure, it is only $15
Want more info? Check out this video from CND:

Summer Prep Time

Now is the perfect time to start waxing for the up and coming summer months. Get ready now for all those summer shorts and days spent in the dreaded swimsuit. At least there is one thing you won't have to worry about... If you start a waxing program now, it will dramatically slow down the growth process, so you will have less maintenance in the summer.

It takes a few times of waxing to catch up to all cycles of hairgrowth, which is why it is best to start your program early. A great way to judge if your hair is long enough to wax is to pull out a strand with tweezers. If the hair underneath that you just pulled out is as long as the hair on the outside surface, then it is ready to wax. In general, it usually takes about a weeks worth of growth to have enough to wax. Waxing slows down the growth process, it thins the hair out, and it can lighten up the color and texture of the hair. Now is also the perfect time to start because it is still chilly, so no wearing those precious shorts or capris just yet!

If you don't want to go the route of waxing, bettybeauty has just come out with the readybetty hair removal product that is safe to use in those very sensitive areas (bikini) and works much better and lasts longer than those other hair removal products. And, you can do this in the privacy of your own shower. (The kit also comes with stencils, if you become daring and adventurous!)

Mother's Day

Want a good gift idea for the mother(s) in your life?

I think my all time favorite and original gift idea would be to get her a subscription to our Pedicure of the Month Club.

She can relax with all of the different scents we introduce each month. Some of our recent spa pedicures have included Cupcake, Lemonade, Ruby Red Grapefruit, and Blueberry Muffin.

What better way to "make" her take some much needed time out? We all know mom won't usually spend the money on herself. Offer to watch the kids for her and she will be ecstatic!

What if your mom doesn't live close? We have a Pedicure of the Month Club by Mail too! Every month she'll receive a personal pedicure in the mail, including instructions, tips, and all of the supplies she needs to pamper herself at home. The kits are also handy for taking to her favorite pedi place. They can do the work, and she can still relax with our delicious featured scents.

A Flat Iron that REPAIRS the Hair?

Crazy, but it's absolutely true!

Joico has just come out with a revolutionary flat iron that reconstructs as you style. It is called the K-pak ReconstRx VaporIron.

For the first time ever, you don't have to choose between the style you want and the healthy hair you deserve. By infusing hair with ReconstRx VaporFuel, the ReconsRx VaporIron delivers all the healthy benefits of K-Pak (the world's #1 hair reconstructor) as you style, leaving hair unbelievably shiny, smooth and healthy.


Decreases hair breakage by over 40%; Reduces color loss due to daily thermal styling by 33.3%; Minimizes curl reversion, even after 12 hours in 90% humidity.


Reconstructs and protects hair from the cuticle (outer layer of hair) to the cortex (inside part of the hair); Antioxidants protect hair against damaging free radicals; Essential fatty acids restore shine, flexibility, and manageability while balancing moisture levels; Botanical moisturizers replenish moisture and enhance softness; Featherweight silicones lock in moisture and seal cuticle to eliminate frizz and deliver intense shine and smoothness to the hair

The best news of all? We have them in stock!
Beauty Supply Price: $198
Cultures Price: $150

The pre-packed kit includes (1) ReconstRx VaporIron, (1) VaporFuel, and an Instructional Styling DVD by Damien Carney, Joico International Artistic Director.

(Don't live close? We can ship them to you when you pay by credit card, PayPal, or check. Additional $12.95 shipping charge applies.)


We are excited to announce that we have become a Test Salon for L'Oreal Professionnel!

What does that mean? Well, since you asked...

That means that we test shampoos, conditioners, and hair products that they are developing and give our feedback about those particular products to the L'Oreal Professionnel research team.

This is a great opportunity for our salon and keeps us on the cutting edge of what is developing in the industry. We get to preview these new technologies and let the company know whether we think it is a good fit for our customers. What a way to be in touch with your consumers by using test salons from around the country! We are honored to be chosen as one of the select few.

Recently, we gave our feedback on part of their eco-friendly line. Right now, we are testing a new product category. We are really excited about the results and we hope this one makes it through to launch so we can tell you all about it. ;)

New Product: Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray

It's here! Moroccanoil has come out with another great product: Moroccanoil Luminous

It is soft to the touch, reflective to the eye, and controlling to the hair. It is infused with argan oil, it offers a long lasting natural hold without the stickiness of buildup, and it leaves a veil of luminous shine. What more could you ask for from a hairspray? If you love all the Moroccanoil products like we do, you know you have nothing to lose.

Wanted: Longer Eyelashes

Last year, I wrote a blog about Mirabella's Lash Therapy Conditioner, which is a great product. Not too long after that original post, we started selling an eyelash growth stimulator called LiLash (previously known by the name RenewLash). The two products, although completely different, can both make the lashes longer. Since then, many people have asked me to explain the difference between the two, so this blog post is for those people (and anyone else who wants beautiful lashes).

If you don't care to understand the difference, but just want to know if these products can really help you have long, gorgeous eyelashes, the answer is yes. Definitely yes. They are awesome. I love both products and have tested them both myself, which is why we sell them in our salon and at our online store. We believe in them.

And here's little more information for the rest of you...

Mirabella Lash Therapy Conditioner: It conditions the eyelashes so they don't become dry and brittle, which means they don't break off as easily, which means that they can grow longer naturally. It works much the same way that regular conditioner does on your hair. You apply the product directly to the lashes. This product will help your lashes grow to their longest, natural length. This is the first lash product that I used and I definitely noticed a difference in my lashes. They looked longer and fuller. It also helped me grow in the stubby lashes that I have always had on one side of my eyes. The Mirabella Lash Conditioner worked it's magic for me.

LiLash/RenewLash: This is an eyelash growth stimulator, which means that it stimulates the hair folicle to make the lashes grow longer than they naturally would on their own. It can also give a kick in the pants to some of the folicles that have stopped or slowed down their growth. You don't need a prescription to purchase it, and it's completely safe to use, with no side effects. This product is applied similar to eyeliner, as the purpose is to cover the skin where the lash grows, not the lash itself. I love this product and personally swear by it. In fact, someone recently told me that I have ridiculously long eyelashes now. I have never, ever had anyone say that to me before!

I could tell a difference in my own lashes within a week, but I probably notice those details a little more than someone else might because of my work. We recommend that you apply either product at bedtime, after washing off your makeup. Use every day for 60 days to get the most noticeable results. After that, you can adjust the use to every other day or every few days as needed to maintain your own lashes. Now that my lashes are longer, I alternate my LiLash with Mirabella's Eyelash Conditioner to keep them both long and strong.

Both products are perfect for people who don't want the expense and upkeep of eyelash extensions. Also, for those who have had extensions which broke off or ruined your natural lashes, these will help you get your lashes back in great shape. If you have any questions about these products, drop us a line: info(at)

To purchase either product, click these links to our online store for LiLash (formerly RenewLash) and Lash Therapy Conditioner.

Oh, and PS: Both products last a really long time. Totally worth the money spent.


So many fun things to share about what is up and coming for Spring...

Our new OPI Spring/Summer nail polish collection "Hong Kong" is here. Come see what colors are in for this season. They are oh so cute! I'm not sure if you have noticed lately, but short polished nails are THE thing. Short nails used to be done only with dark colors, but now we are seeing people sport more and more bright, fun colors! We have the entire collection and you can pick up one or two of your favorites while you're here.

Hairstyles are fun this season. We see lots of braids still. The one we like best is pulled off to the side and loosely braided. If some pieces fall out, it is ok; it just perfects the look even more. We also see loose pigtails. When they're not so perfectly polished, they look less girly and more chic. Also, more wavy texture is in style. I guess we don't need to have every hair in place and sprayed to perfection. What a relief!

Special occasion styles, however, are more polished and styled. Try waves like Kate Winslet's at the Oscars. For special occasions, if you want to wear your hair straight, make a really clean parting with the tail end of your comb and smooth down frizziness with a wax, pomade, shine spray, or shine serum. See Sandra Bullock's hair at the Oscars for an example of this style.

Didn't get a chance to see any of the Spring trends in color during Fashion Week last fall? Click this link to see the most popular colors predicted for this season in beauty and fashion.

We are excited to see what else is coming up in the next few months and will keep you posted as we will be attending our spring classes and hair shows soon.

Quick Tip: Think You Have Dandruff? Think Again.

This is a topic many people are confused about, so I think it's about time we addressed it in our blog.

1. A lot of people (especially guys) think they have Dandruff.

2. In reality, what they really have is called Dry Scalp.

3. Dandruff and Dry Scalp are not the same thing.

How can you tell what you have? If your flakes are white, you have dry scalp. Dandruff is typically associated with oily scalps and the flakes are more yellowish in color.

If you have a dry scalp, white flakes, or just feel itchy, don't use dandruff shampoo. You don't need it. All you need to do is use a good, salon-quality, moisturizing shampoo. It will make all the difference in the world. You can shampoo with it daily; I tell clients to make sure they use their fingers and cleanse all the way to the scalp (not just on the hair strands).

For those of you that really do have dandruff, I recommend Exfoliating Dandruff Shampoo from Therapro, or Purete Anti-Dandruff Shampoo from Homme (L'Oreal Professionnel's line for men). You will be flake free in no time.

{Wish you had a shampoo that would be perfect for you? Email us at: info(at) or stop by our salon and we can recommend something made just for you. We carry professional shampoos made for every scalp and hair type.}

Quick Tip: Got a bad case of the flyaways?

We are seeing A LOT of static coming into the salon lately. Ever wonder what causes it? Simply put: If you have static, you are lacking moisture.

Static in the hair is very common in the winter months because it is dry and the cold air makes it even more so. In addition, taking hats and scarfs on and off can cause some serious static in your tresses.

How can it be fixed? Moisture.

Most often the culprit is the wrong kind of shampoo. Look for a professional (salon) shampoo that will add the moisture you need, and avoid shampoos that strip the hair of natural moisture and oils. I recommend Serie Expert's Intense Repair Shampoo. It is the best around! Having a great moisturizing conditioner can also help, but only if the shampoo isn't working against what the conditioner is trying to do. So, I always recommend that my clients start with a good shampoo first.

If you really don't want to part with your shampoo, a quick fix to temporarily alleviate the problem is to spray some shine spray and work it through the hair. This will reduce static in the moment, but will not solve the problem for good.

February Package Deals

{These package deals have ended, but check our blog, Twitter, or Facebook page periodically to learn about current specials.}

If you haven't seen these package deals already, you're probably not on our email list. Want to know about the specials (and last minute discounted appointments) before everyone else? Send your current email address to We don't share our list with anyone else, and we try not to bombard our clients with emails. You'll only hear from us when we have something important to share with you!

$59 Spa Package
Includes Spa Pedicure, Spa Manicure

$79 Spa Package
Includes Spa Pedicure, Spa Manicure, and Haircut & Style

$89 Spa Package (over $20 savings!)
Includes Spa Pedicure, Spa Manicure, and choice of a European Facial or One Hour Massage

These packages are a limited time offer and must be purchased by March 2, 2010. If you are not able to schedule your appointment before March 2nd, you can purchase the package on a gift card and schedule at your convenience.

Valentines Day

Need some ideas? We have some great ones.

Cake Bites: We are excited to offer The Sweet Tooth Fairy's popular cake bites. These delicious treats have been featured on Rachael Ray, in Salt Lake Magazine, and pretty much everywhere else. We had them here in December and people went crazy over them. So, we're bringing them back for Valentines Day.

This time, you can pre-order some to give to your valentine. They come boxed in a Sweet Tooth Fairy logo box, tied with a pretty ribbon. $6.00 for a half dozen, $11.00 for a dozen. We love the double fudge cake bites, but you can also order the box of assorted cake bites.

Pick up here at Cultures between February 9th - 13th. To guarantee we save some for you, please pre-order before Monday, February 8th by emailing us at or calling (801) 776-9229. Please include your name, phone number, the size box you want, and if you want double fudge or assorted cake bites.

Gift Cards: Try giving the gift of a fun relaxing spa service where your valentine will feel pampered, but not out of place. At Cultures, we pride ourselves in providing a comfortable, warm, non-snooty environment. Luxury, without the snobbery.

Bath Confetti: Sprinkle our scented confetti under running water to get luxurious bubbles, or sprinkle in still bath water to make a "fancy" bath for your loved one. Light a couple of candles and you are good to go! We even have heart-shaped confetti that is strawberry scented.

Pedicure of the Month Club: Buy your loved one a 3, 6, or 12 month membership in our pedicure club. They can have their monthly pedicure done here or, for those that don't live close, we can send the products right to their door. See the "Packages" section of our service menu for more information. Our featured pedi flavor for February is Cupcake! Mmmmmm!

Whipped Body Cream: Try some of our delicious body cream. This light, whipped lotion is moisturizing without being greasy. Our featured 'flavors' in February are Cupcake and Orange Dreamsicle. Pick up a jar of lotion ($4, $8, and $16) to go with your gift card or cake bites.

bettybeauty: Get your betty ready! We have some fun new colors for Valentines and the new READYbetty (hair removal) styling kits. The kits even include free stencils, for those of you who are brave. (See our previous blog post for more information.)

Top Trend Setters - Looking Back At 2009

The new year is already flying by, but before the first month of the brand new year is completely gone, we want to take a moment to reflect on some beauty trendsetters in 2009 and think about what may be in store for us this year.

Susan Boyle: With all of her growing success, came a much needed grooming of the eyebrows and a pleasing makeover. Why do we pick her as number one? Because she is a great case-in-point that there are no lost causes. Everyone can be beautiful with a little help from their friends.

Drew Barrymore: She isn't afraid to take risks. Even now, in her thirties, she has been every color under the sun (almost) and has made them not only work, but made them beautiful. She even looked great with the ends of her hair almost black. She proves to us that, with just a little bit of a makeup, we can pull off almost any haircolor...if we dare.

Michelle Obama: No matter your political opinion, one thing we can all agree on is that the first lady has been a big trendsetter since she stepped onto the scene. Every magazazine is watching (and, generally, applauding) what she does with fashion. She is always put together. We all know she has a team to help her pull it off, but she has definitely inspired many people to find a hairstyle that looks great and classy on them.

Kate Gosselin: She has been in the news way too much this past year. Even she would agree with that. In the end, her hairstyle had a negative effect on styles this year. Her look, which was first imitated by the masses all over the nation, became the focus of a national, Halloween-time joke. There were so many Kate wigs and everyone was dressing up with (and mostly mocking) the signature Kate hairstyle. One positive though, her style was close to something that could be wearable and look good for others, with a little refinement. So, her style gave us a starting place to work with and we were able to achieve many versions of the style that were actually really cute and flattering.

Megan Fox: She inspired many women to go back to the dark. She made brunettes sexy again and for that we thank her! Nothing wrong with embracing your roots...literally.

Do you have other people that you think were a standout in trendsetting this year? Drop us a line and share your thoughts! We would love to hear from you.

We look forward to watching the new trends catch on and take shape during 2010, and seeing how they evolve by the end of the year. It looks like there may be some positive changes this year... Kate Gosselin's on the cover of our new People magazine with long, layered hair, courtesy of her new hair extensions. The year is already looking up!

bettybeauty {oh my!}

We just received a new shipment of bettybeauty products, including the new READY betty (hair removal kit). So, we thought it might be a good time to post some information about the kits, and answer some of the questions that we frequently get about betty products.

What is bettybeauty?
bettybeauty is a line of haircolor products which allow you to safely color 'the hair down there' in the privacy of your own home.

Do people really do that?
Yes, they do. There are primarily three categories of use: (1) colors for people who want to match their 'betty' to their regular hair color - black, brown, auburn, blonde; (2) colors for people who want to cover their graying betty; (3) fun colors for people who want to try a vibrant or specialty color - pink, red, orange, lilac, blue. We also believe there is a strong fourth category of buyers: people who like to give bettybeauty as a gift - white elephant, 40th birthday, bridal shower, etc.

Why is bettybeauty safer than using regular hair dye?
Unlike regular hair dyes, betty color is specially formulated so it's safe to use down there. It contains natural ingredients, skin conditioners, and doesn't have a harsh chemical smell. The safe, no-drip formula won't run into sensitive areas.

Will the color rub off?
No. Even perspiration and physical activity will not affect betty color.

What is the new READY betty kit?
They call it the "Ultimate Styling Kit for Down There." READY betty is a hair removal kit that includes everything you need to trim, remove and shape the hair down there. It's a perfect fit for people who don't like waxing, or those who prefer to do their own hair removal. And, not only is it made to be safe for sensitive areas, it also has a revolutionary NO BAD SMELL cream hair remover. So you don't have to put up with the nasty odor of typical hair removal lotions. The kit is easy to use and has multiple applications.

How much does bettybeauty cost?
We sell our kits for only $14.99 each. They can be shipped just about anywhere, or you can pick them up at our salon.

Have any other questions you would like to ask about betty products? Send us an email:

Wow! We were so busy helping our in-salon clients glow those last couple weeks of December that we didn't have a chance to finish posting our glow tips. Sorry! But, since we don't want to leave you hanging forever (and since some of you have asked us for the rest), we will post them here for you now. Thanks for keeping us busy, and thank you for reading. We look forward to seeing you all this coming year!

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle S! She was the winner of our shine product giveaway and, since we saw her in December, she picked up the perfect shine product for her hair type and is already well on her way to beautiful, shiny hair.

December 31: Celebrate. Before you start planning your goals for the new year, take the time to celebrate what you've accomplished. Write down the things you did, the people you helped, and the difficult things you survived. You deserve a moment to pat yourself on the back before focusing on what needs to be improved in the coming year.

December 30: Write a Note. Was there someone that you kept thinking about over the holiday, or someone you didn't have time to buy a gift for? Write a quick note and drop it in the mail today.

December 29: Get a Shine Gloss. Instead of a color service (or in addition to your color service), get a shine gloss. It can improve your color and give your hair an extra, natural-looking glow.

December 28: Add Shimmer. Mirabella has two different mineral powders that we absolutely love! One has more of a silver shimmer and is called Illuminate, and the other has more of a gold shimmer and is called Pure Sun. You can also use a very, very, very fine glitter and mix in with your normal powder to give a hint of shimmer as well.

December 27: Get Help. When you ARE ready to clean up and put away the holiday decorations, be sure to enlist the help of others (especially spouses and kids that may live at home). Don't take all of the responsibility on yourself. It's your holiday too!

December 26: Take Your Time. No one cares if the decorations stay up a few extra days, or if the gifts don't get put away immediately. Just tell any complainers that WE told you to take your time.

December 25: Enjoy the food, friends, and family. You don't need any tips today; you will glow naturally when you're surrounded by loved ones and having a good time.

December 24: Do Something Nice. It's amazing how good you can feel, even when you do something small. Give a smile, let someone ahead of you in line, acknowledge good service. It doesn't need to be anything big, but it will help you get in the holiday spirit and it will make you glow inside and out.

December 23: Cut Something Out. Running out of time? Cut that extra something off your gift list. When it's all said and done, it won't matter.

December 22: Use a Sparkly Eyeshadow. Try using it only on your lid. It will give a hint of sparkle, without the overkill. A great thing to really perk those eyes up.

December 21: Get More Sleep this week. Concealer is a great trick, but there is nothing quite like the refreshed and glowing look of someone who really DID get a decent night's sleep.

December 20: Use Concealer. This can give you a refreshed look and make you appear as if you got plenty of sleep, even though you probably didn't. Put concealer where dark circles are and blend.

December 19: Try moroccanoil. Seriously, just try it.

December 18: Use Blush. During the winter months, it looks fresh to put a little pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. You don't want too much; just imitate the way your cheeks look when you've been out in the cold for a bit. Natural and beautiful.

December 17: Try a New Lip Color. Branch out. Do something vibrant. Be sure to play down the eye color a tad to balance it out. Raspberry is a hot color this season, and red is always fun this time of year. Of course, when is red not hot?