Top Trend Setters - Looking Back At 2009

The new year is already flying by, but before the first month of the brand new year is completely gone, we want to take a moment to reflect on some beauty trendsetters in 2009 and think about what may be in store for us this year.

Susan Boyle: With all of her growing success, came a much needed grooming of the eyebrows and a pleasing makeover. Why do we pick her as number one? Because she is a great case-in-point that there are no lost causes. Everyone can be beautiful with a little help from their friends.

Drew Barrymore: She isn't afraid to take risks. Even now, in her thirties, she has been every color under the sun (almost) and has made them not only work, but made them beautiful. She even looked great with the ends of her hair almost black. She proves to us that, with just a little bit of a makeup, we can pull off almost any haircolor...if we dare.

Michelle Obama: No matter your political opinion, one thing we can all agree on is that the first lady has been a big trendsetter since she stepped onto the scene. Every magazazine is watching (and, generally, applauding) what she does with fashion. She is always put together. We all know she has a team to help her pull it off, but she has definitely inspired many people to find a hairstyle that looks great and classy on them.

Kate Gosselin: She has been in the news way too much this past year. Even she would agree with that. In the end, her hairstyle had a negative effect on styles this year. Her look, which was first imitated by the masses all over the nation, became the focus of a national, Halloween-time joke. There were so many Kate wigs and everyone was dressing up with (and mostly mocking) the signature Kate hairstyle. One positive though, her style was close to something that could be wearable and look good for others, with a little refinement. So, her style gave us a starting place to work with and we were able to achieve many versions of the style that were actually really cute and flattering.

Megan Fox: She inspired many women to go back to the dark. She made brunettes sexy again and for that we thank her! Nothing wrong with embracing your roots...literally.

Do you have other people that you think were a standout in trendsetting this year? Drop us a line and share your thoughts! We would love to hear from you.

We look forward to watching the new trends catch on and take shape during 2010, and seeing how they evolve by the end of the year. It looks like there may be some positive changes this year... Kate Gosselin's on the cover of our new People magazine with long, layered hair, courtesy of her new hair extensions. The year is already looking up!

bettybeauty {oh my!}

We just received a new shipment of bettybeauty products, including the new READY betty (hair removal kit). So, we thought it might be a good time to post some information about the kits, and answer some of the questions that we frequently get about betty products.

What is bettybeauty?
bettybeauty is a line of haircolor products which allow you to safely color 'the hair down there' in the privacy of your own home.

Do people really do that?
Yes, they do. There are primarily three categories of use: (1) colors for people who want to match their 'betty' to their regular hair color - black, brown, auburn, blonde; (2) colors for people who want to cover their graying betty; (3) fun colors for people who want to try a vibrant or specialty color - pink, red, orange, lilac, blue. We also believe there is a strong fourth category of buyers: people who like to give bettybeauty as a gift - white elephant, 40th birthday, bridal shower, etc.

Why is bettybeauty safer than using regular hair dye?
Unlike regular hair dyes, betty color is specially formulated so it's safe to use down there. It contains natural ingredients, skin conditioners, and doesn't have a harsh chemical smell. The safe, no-drip formula won't run into sensitive areas.

Will the color rub off?
No. Even perspiration and physical activity will not affect betty color.

What is the new READY betty kit?
They call it the "Ultimate Styling Kit for Down There." READY betty is a hair removal kit that includes everything you need to trim, remove and shape the hair down there. It's a perfect fit for people who don't like waxing, or those who prefer to do their own hair removal. And, not only is it made to be safe for sensitive areas, it also has a revolutionary NO BAD SMELL cream hair remover. So you don't have to put up with the nasty odor of typical hair removal lotions. The kit is easy to use and has multiple applications.

How much does bettybeauty cost?
We sell our kits for only $14.99 each. They can be shipped just about anywhere, or you can pick them up at our salon.

Have any other questions you would like to ask about betty products? Send us an email:

Wow! We were so busy helping our in-salon clients glow those last couple weeks of December that we didn't have a chance to finish posting our glow tips. Sorry! But, since we don't want to leave you hanging forever (and since some of you have asked us for the rest), we will post them here for you now. Thanks for keeping us busy, and thank you for reading. We look forward to seeing you all this coming year!

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle S! She was the winner of our shine product giveaway and, since we saw her in December, she picked up the perfect shine product for her hair type and is already well on her way to beautiful, shiny hair.

December 31: Celebrate. Before you start planning your goals for the new year, take the time to celebrate what you've accomplished. Write down the things you did, the people you helped, and the difficult things you survived. You deserve a moment to pat yourself on the back before focusing on what needs to be improved in the coming year.

December 30: Write a Note. Was there someone that you kept thinking about over the holiday, or someone you didn't have time to buy a gift for? Write a quick note and drop it in the mail today.

December 29: Get a Shine Gloss. Instead of a color service (or in addition to your color service), get a shine gloss. It can improve your color and give your hair an extra, natural-looking glow.

December 28: Add Shimmer. Mirabella has two different mineral powders that we absolutely love! One has more of a silver shimmer and is called Illuminate, and the other has more of a gold shimmer and is called Pure Sun. You can also use a very, very, very fine glitter and mix in with your normal powder to give a hint of shimmer as well.

December 27: Get Help. When you ARE ready to clean up and put away the holiday decorations, be sure to enlist the help of others (especially spouses and kids that may live at home). Don't take all of the responsibility on yourself. It's your holiday too!

December 26: Take Your Time. No one cares if the decorations stay up a few extra days, or if the gifts don't get put away immediately. Just tell any complainers that WE told you to take your time.

December 25: Enjoy the food, friends, and family. You don't need any tips today; you will glow naturally when you're surrounded by loved ones and having a good time.

December 24: Do Something Nice. It's amazing how good you can feel, even when you do something small. Give a smile, let someone ahead of you in line, acknowledge good service. It doesn't need to be anything big, but it will help you get in the holiday spirit and it will make you glow inside and out.

December 23: Cut Something Out. Running out of time? Cut that extra something off your gift list. When it's all said and done, it won't matter.

December 22: Use a Sparkly Eyeshadow. Try using it only on your lid. It will give a hint of sparkle, without the overkill. A great thing to really perk those eyes up.

December 21: Get More Sleep this week. Concealer is a great trick, but there is nothing quite like the refreshed and glowing look of someone who really DID get a decent night's sleep.

December 20: Use Concealer. This can give you a refreshed look and make you appear as if you got plenty of sleep, even though you probably didn't. Put concealer where dark circles are and blend.

December 19: Try moroccanoil. Seriously, just try it.

December 18: Use Blush. During the winter months, it looks fresh to put a little pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. You don't want too much; just imitate the way your cheeks look when you've been out in the cold for a bit. Natural and beautiful.

December 17: Try a New Lip Color. Branch out. Do something vibrant. Be sure to play down the eye color a tad to balance it out. Raspberry is a hot color this season, and red is always fun this time of year. Of course, when is red not hot?