Wanted: Longer Eyelashes

Last year, I wrote a blog about Mirabella's Lash Therapy Conditioner, which is a great product. Not too long after that original post, we started selling an eyelash growth stimulator called LiLash (previously known by the name RenewLash). The two products, although completely different, can both make the lashes longer. Since then, many people have asked me to explain the difference between the two, so this blog post is for those people (and anyone else who wants beautiful lashes).

If you don't care to understand the difference, but just want to know if these products can really help you have long, gorgeous eyelashes, the answer is yes. Definitely yes. They are awesome. I love both products and have tested them both myself, which is why we sell them in our salon and at our online store. We believe in them.

And here's little more information for the rest of you...

Mirabella Lash Therapy Conditioner: It conditions the eyelashes so they don't become dry and brittle, which means they don't break off as easily, which means that they can grow longer naturally. It works much the same way that regular conditioner does on your hair. You apply the product directly to the lashes. This product will help your lashes grow to their longest, natural length. This is the first lash product that I used and I definitely noticed a difference in my lashes. They looked longer and fuller. It also helped me grow in the stubby lashes that I have always had on one side of my eyes. The Mirabella Lash Conditioner worked it's magic for me.

LiLash/RenewLash: This is an eyelash growth stimulator, which means that it stimulates the hair folicle to make the lashes grow longer than they naturally would on their own. It can also give a kick in the pants to some of the folicles that have stopped or slowed down their growth. You don't need a prescription to purchase it, and it's completely safe to use, with no side effects. This product is applied similar to eyeliner, as the purpose is to cover the skin where the lash grows, not the lash itself. I love this product and personally swear by it. In fact, someone recently told me that I have ridiculously long eyelashes now. I have never, ever had anyone say that to me before!

I could tell a difference in my own lashes within a week, but I probably notice those details a little more than someone else might because of my work. We recommend that you apply either product at bedtime, after washing off your makeup. Use every day for 60 days to get the most noticeable results. After that, you can adjust the use to every other day or every few days as needed to maintain your own lashes. Now that my lashes are longer, I alternate my LiLash with Mirabella's Eyelash Conditioner to keep them both long and strong.

Both products are perfect for people who don't want the expense and upkeep of eyelash extensions. Also, for those who have had extensions which broke off or ruined your natural lashes, these will help you get your lashes back in great shape. If you have any questions about these products, drop us a line: info(at)culturessalon.com.

To purchase either product, click these links to our online store for LiLash (formerly RenewLash) and Lash Therapy Conditioner.

Oh, and PS: Both products last a really long time. Totally worth the money spent.


So many fun things to share about what is up and coming for Spring...

Our new OPI Spring/Summer nail polish collection "Hong Kong" is here. Come see what colors are in for this season. They are oh so cute! I'm not sure if you have noticed lately, but short polished nails are THE thing. Short nails used to be done only with dark colors, but now we are seeing people sport more and more bright, fun colors! We have the entire collection and you can pick up one or two of your favorites while you're here.

Hairstyles are fun this season. We see lots of braids still. The one we like best is pulled off to the side and loosely braided. If some pieces fall out, it is ok; it just perfects the look even more. We also see loose pigtails. When they're not so perfectly polished, they look less girly and more chic. Also, more wavy texture is in style. I guess we don't need to have every hair in place and sprayed to perfection. What a relief!

Special occasion styles, however, are more polished and styled. Try waves like Kate Winslet's at the Oscars. For special occasions, if you want to wear your hair straight, make a really clean parting with the tail end of your comb and smooth down frizziness with a wax, pomade, shine spray, or shine serum. See Sandra Bullock's hair at the Oscars for an example of this style.

Didn't get a chance to see any of the Spring trends in color during Fashion Week last fall? Click this link to see the most popular colors predicted for this season in beauty and fashion.

We are excited to see what else is coming up in the next few months and will keep you posted as we will be attending our spring classes and hair shows soon.