Tan me!

Sadly, I don't get a nice bronze tan in the summer as I am inside seemingly 24/7. I get to see outside, which is great, but my pasty white skin is a dead giveaway that I'm not actually outside as much as I'd like to be. Well, not any more!

Hempz has come out with a fabulous new self tanning lotion. It's actually a moisturizing lotion, that has gradual self-tanners in it. So it looks natural, never streaky, and it's not orange. When used over time, it gives the skin a nice, healthy, bronze glow.

I love it. Just sayin.

Color Correction? Not So Fast!

You went from blonde to brown to red to black, and now you want to go back to blonde again? Can't you just put on a blonde color and waalaa...beautiful bombshell blonde?

Not so fast! Sadly, color doesn't work that way.

If you are that dark of a color and you want to still have hair when you're done, going back to blonde will be a lengthy process.

We recommend (and so do all of the top celebrity colorists in the world) that you do so very gradually. That means that you should be a dark brown with some medium to light brown highlights for a few months. Then, maybe a few more highlights put in for more of a medium brown. Wear that for a few months. Then, a few more to become dark blonde, etc, etc. When we do it in stages, you can have a beautiful, natural-looking color at every stage of reversal.

The reason it needs to be gradual is because everything you did on your hair has to be undone. If you try to do it all in one appointment, 1.) you wouldn't have hair. Your hair is not strong enough to withstand all of those processes. It will break off. If you do it gradually, you will give the hair time to rest and recover in between each process. 2.) We have no idea what has been put on your hair. This means it is a guessing game for how your hair will react until we dig in. 3.) Red is the hardest color to get out of the hair, especially an unnatural red color. 4.) Refer to number 1.

We care about your hair. We want you to be happy with the results, but we also want you to have healthy shiny hair. I guess what I'm saying is be patient, it can be done, but not as fast as you were hoping. Good hair is a choice. Make the right one!

Spring Hair Show

It finally came! And now, I'm finally writing about it.

Our staff went to the Peerless Beauty Supply Spring Hair & Nail Show at the beginning of May and had a great time. You can see pictures from some of the classes on our flickr page.

What's in and new you ask? I'm so glad you did!

A lot of the spring trends in hair this year are more geometric shapes, and more blunt cuts (but still blended in). Beatles inspired cuts are in fashion as well; Think Dorothy Hamill with a twist. Blunt, full bangs are still traipsing around and lots of really cute disconnected cuts. Disconnected means that it almost looks like two different haircuts are going on at the same time, and not really blended together.

We also saw hidden things in haircuts. For instance, if you part your hair on one side, you can have bangs; Flip it over to the other side, and you don't have any bangs at all. What a great way to switch things up and keep you from getting bored.

Color is very fun and bold. You can get great multi-dimensional looks without a million foils in the head. Bright colors were all the rage and actually looked very flattering and tasteful. Picture a bright red with even brighter red panels. So cute!

We also attended classes by several great artists. We really enjoyed Greg Hinshaw from Sun Valley, Ben Mollin who appeared in the debut season of "Shear Genius," Damien Carney, Award-winning colorist Sue Pemberton, William Whatley from the show "Ambush Makeover," Michael Haase, and many many more influential stylists who were willing to teach us a thing or two about the industry.

Creative Nail (CND) also launched a new product called Shellac that we have been pretty hyped about. It's a nail polish that lasts two weeks (on your hands), dries in minutes, and doesn't have to be filed off. It protects and strengthens your natural nails, and it looks fabulous! It can also be used on the toes for super-shiny, long-lasting color.

We learned lots of other things that would probably bore you all to tears, so we will spare you the details and just let you know that we are excited. If you're bored with your style right now, I bet we have a few solutions for you. ;)