Wedding Hair

L'Oreal Professionnel collaborated with celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist, Eva Scrivo, on some insider tips to help you look the most radiant on your wedding day. These tips, taken from their publication, can help make your wedding hair perfect.

Prep Work is Key — Start early! Begin working with your stylist as soon as possible to perfect the cut, color and condition of your hair well before the day of your wedding. Keep in mind, it may take several months, so speak with your stylist about creating a customized plan.

Make the Cut — Even if you're growing your hair out, keep it regularly trimmed to remove the split ends that will otherwise damage the cuticle. You may have visions of fabulously flowing, Rapunzel-like locks, but if it's too long or unlayered, it can be bulky and unmanageable, making it harder for your stylist to create the style.

Lighten Up — Your hair will look best in photos if it has natural, subtle highlights. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Begin your color transformation well in advance of your wedding, and plan to have your last color service approximately 2 weeks before the big day. Do not plan any chemical treatments on the day of the wedding. This is no time for surprises!

Stay Healthy — Every bride looks better with shiny, healthy-looking hair. Get your hair in optimal condition with L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Powerdose treatments. Ask your stylist to develop a regimen based on your specific hair type and needs.

Stay True — Avoid one of the most common bridal mistakes. Don't lose your identity when selecting your hairstyle. Your style should flatter you and enhance your beauty, not become a distraction. Don't stray too far from your own look and style.

Let Your Gown Be Your Guide — Your hair should reflect the line of your dress. If you have a slim gown with clean lines and minimal beading, your hair should also have clean lines. If you're wearing a creation straight from a fairy tale, then by all means, Cinderella, go for long, flowing hair and lots of texture!

Book Ahead — Book your official hair trial 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding. Try to book your trial on a slower business day in the salon, such as a Tuesday or Wednesday, so you and your stylist won't feel rushed.

Show and Tell — Bring anything that will help your stylist understand the looks you love or the style of your wedding. Let your stylist know up front what looks you like and dislike. That way, they won't waste your time going down the wrong track. Don't forget to bring your headpiece or veil and your jewelry.

Let Your Hair Down — If you plan to make an outfit change for the reception, you may also consider adjusting your tresses and letting your locks loose. If this is the case, ensure you communicate this, so your stylist will know how firm your style needs to be. Keep in mind that not all hairsprays are created equal. Brushable sprays such as L'Oreal Professionnel Texture Expert Infinium are designed to have intense style memory without being too stiff, sticky or flakey to be brushed through.

Spring Trend Alert

As the season unfolds, we will see more trends defined. Here are some things to look out for already:

We will start to see the dark color trend fade away a bit and see lighter colors taking over. We are also seeing more personalized colors. The big nail color companies are adding fun twists (shatters, glitters, and shimmers) which go on top of your base color to give you a signature look. Shatter was introduced by OPI earlier this year; it gives a crackle paint finish to your overall polish look. So fun!

We are seeing a spin back to the 70s; big and fluffy with lots of texture. Also, ponytails. Do they ever go out of style? We saw different versions of the ponytail on the runway - from super sleek, to pulled back with some pieces pulled loosely around face, to a ponytail with a middle part and then pulled back. Very fun!

Braids are still in the forefront in a huge way as well. We will see their influence more in the Boho type looks; they are super feminine and pretty. I'm so excited!

We have also been seeing either super short pixie cuts or long hair. One huge hair trendsetter, Jennifer Aniston, recently cut her long locks into a long bob. Basically, it looks like 'everything goes' this Spring with haircuts.

For redheads, a multidimensional color will be trendsetting. Try an almost burgundy red near the root turning into a bright copper at the ends. Make sure the colors blend in seamlessly.

For brunettes, warm it up. Use lots of caramel and golden colors to warm up that dark base of yours and shed those winter blahs.

For blondes, we are still seeing the ombre technique (which is getting bigger locally as more people are getting brave enough to try it). This technique works really well with blondes to give them a California beach look. Think Drew Barrymore. She has those darker roots fading into a bright sunny blonde at the ends. Such a fun trend right now!

Bright colors are still in. Oranges and pinks are the big thing. Also, stains and cremes are going to be huge for spring. Stains are highly pigmented and last for a long time. You can use these on the lips and cheeks. We have the Mirabella Lip & Cheek Ink and we love it, but you can find these stains in nearly every large makeup line right now. Play with them and have fun!