Product Focus: Scalp Rescue

Moroccanoil recently introduced 2 new products for the scalp. The products are made to condition and re-balance the scalp and eradicate scalp conditions such as overproduction of oil or excessive dryness.

Moroccanoil Oil-No-More Scalp Treatment
Helps soothe inflammation of the folicle
Regulates scalp imbalances

Moroccanoil Dry-No-More Scalp Treatment
Soothes dry scalp
Helps to relieve scalp irritation
Regulates scalp imbalances

What about people with dandruff? If you're sure you have dandruff (read this old blog post to see if you really do), you should use the Oil-No-More Scalp Treatment. If what you really have is dry scalp, well, I think you can guess which one to use.