What is Olaplex? How Can it Help My Hair?

Olaplex is a new product on the market for use by professional colorists.

It uses a brand new technology, and is not like any other product that previously existed. It was created by chemists who had not worked in the hair industry before. They invented a single-ingredient chemistry that links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services, making them stronger than they were before. It is free of silicones and oils. So, like we said before, it is unlike any other repairing product that previously existed.

Because much of the initial trial/testing was done by high-profile industry experts or celebrity colorists, it created a word-of-mouth and social media buzz about the product before it was ever released for use. We initially heard about #Olaplex through social media, and then learned more about it after reading a salon industry article. Because of the great reviews, we decided to bring the product in and do our own in-salon testing. We have used it for about 6 months now and, needless to say, WE LOVE IT.

This past fall, Michelle used it on most of the actresses that she colored for a movie project. As you can imagine, actresses put their hair through a lot. They not only do daily styling and regular color like most of us, but during filming their hair is styled, and re-styled, and re-styled throughout the day. They also have to change their haircolor, sometimes drastically, for different roles. So their hair was a perfect test case... which is why Olaplex was first tested by many celebrity colorists before being put on the market! It was a life-saver for Michelle during the pre-filming color work she did on this project. It made it possible for her to color hair which was in bad condition, and to get a more accurate color result on that hair. It also made it possible for us to style and re-style their hair multiple times each day throughout the filming. We can add our testimonial to the many others out there... Olaplex is incredible.

It repairs bonds in the hair, making it possible to color hair that we previously would have advised against coloring. With Olaplex, you can go blonder, or push the envelope further, without compromising the integrity of the hair. It can be used in your base color, in your highlights, and in your balayage services. Olaplex multiplies bonds, making hair stronger and healthier. It helps color lasts longer. It helps give more vibrancy to the color. We use it on damaged hair, but we also use it on hair that is healthy, but just naturally fragile and prone to breakage. It really is an amazing product.

If you know anything about Andre Nizetich and the American Board Certified Haircolorists organization (of which Michelle is a certified member), you know that they are not easily impressed by new products on the market. In fact, Andre is known to be a bit of a skeptic when it comes to "groundbreaking" products in haircolor. When Olaplex was introduced, ABCH published an article in their professional newsletter that was very skeptical, borderline critical, about the hype that surrounded Olaplex. Well, after hearing reviews from many of their certified colorists, ABCH decided to put the product to the test. Here is what Andre had to say after doing more research and meeting with the chemists who developed Olaplex: "First let me say... I could not have been any more wrong about Olaplex. I spent the afternoon with Dean and Darcy Christal [the chemists who developed the product]...We ran some tests and I want to tell you that this product is fantastic. This is not just fancy packaging -- this is all new technology, a real breakthrough." Now that is the kind of review that is not easily earned!

Interested in trying Olaplex with your next color service? Ask your Cultures stylist if this product would work for you.

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Hello, San Diego — 2014 L'Oreal Professionnel Artists Training

Twice a year the LP Artistic Technical Team members gather together for training, motivation, and plenty of conviviality. For all of you who asked what we learn and do at these gatherings, here's your glimpse into our last one...

This Spring, we gathered in San Diego. What an incredible and inspiring place. We stayed at the Hilton Bay Front Hotel, and the view was gorgeous. Beautiful place, helpful staff, great location. Because of social media, the excitement started early as I saw many of the LP portfolio artists posting photos from the location ahead of our arrival time, prepping for what was an incredibly creative and inspiring fashion show. Portfolio artists are educators at the top of their profession. They lead the industry and are the face of the company. They teach at top accounts, in the LP SOHO academy in New York (and California, etc), and they are the artists behind the education videos, techniques and imagery that the company releases.

The first night opened with a cocktail party. I spent time talking to people who do the same thing as me gathered from all across the country and meeting the new artists, in anticipation for the weekend's big kick-off. When the main doors finally opened, everyone rushed in to get a great spot close to the stage. We wanted to make sure we had a good vantage point to see the show.

It's hard to explain what these hair fashion events are like, but picture a dance club crossed with New York Fashion Week, where you see models coming down the runway. Except the audience isn't in chairs. As we watch the show, we surround the stage(s) and dance along with the music, take pictures of the models walking by, and admire the incredible hair, done by the portfolio artists. There is always a theme and inspiration behind the looks. Usually, it is some form of what we will be coming back and teaching to local salons. It is basically what is trending in hair for the season. Yes hair, just like fashion, follows global trends in shape, color, and style. The show is also a precursor to what we will be learning hands-on throughout the weekend.

After getting a small nights rest, we started bright and early in a group meeting that gave us some insight into current industry and consumer philosophies. Did you know that women consider getting their hair done a necessity? "Treating themselves" would be getting a mani or pedi these days. But the hair, it must be done! Interesting, right? Also, most women want their stylist to be their image/fashion consultant, but oftentimes, the stylist doesn't step up to the plate. Great food for thought. Definitely something we will be working on here at Cultures. We also got to see the new products and looks that will be released this spring.

After this initial meeting, we split up into our specialties for the hands-on portion of the training. I am a haircolor specialist, so that's what the majority of my classes are focused on. The first day we did balayage training all day long. I have done balayage for years in the salon, but it's still so fun to spend the day learning different application techniques, patterns and designs for current celebrity looks. There is always a different way to approach a look, and I love learning from different artists. The people teaching these classes are the best of the best in their field! After a small break, we went back into the color room and played with the new LP Hair Chalk. The new chalks are a great way to try on color (especially fun colors) without the commitment. Think of it like an accessory for the hair, or like makeup that can be changed to suit your look each day. Dinner was on my own and then we met back for another cocktail party. Hairstylists like parties.

The next morning, we had another general meeting which focused on the marketing side of the company and how salons can market their new services and products. Fun stuff! Then it was back to the hands-on color room to learn all about the new "It Looks" for Spring-Summer 2014. We focused on learning and teaching some really simple, updated looks for clients to be on trend, without breaking the bank.

After the hands-on portion, we met back in the general meeting room again, where I learned to become a better public speaker and educator with techniques taught by Blair Singer. After Blair's training, we watched this closing video (posted below) to reminisce about our weekend. With a final champagne (or apple cider) toast, our training ended.

I actually stayed for one more full day of training with a small group of educators (about 18 of us) that teach in an advanced program for LP called Expert Network. I'll tell you about the Expert Network another time, but let me finish by saying...

What I LOVE about San Diego:

The views
The lifestyle
Sand between my toes
Mild weather
Salt in the air
Delicious food
So many things to do and see

I lived in San Diego for a year an a half in my early 20s, and I always love "going home" there. Did I mention that I love the beaches? Because I do.

Une Belle Mariée― Kiesha in Paris

In the Spring of 2012, L’Oreal Professionnel Haircolor sponsored an online contest featuring their new demi-permanent color lines, DiaLight and DiaRichesse. Clients were encouraged to visit their stylist and get a haircolor service using any of the new colors, then take photograph and submit it for online voting.

Of the hundreds of submissions from across the country, two Cultures Salon clients made it into the Top 10 Finalists, from which a panel of color experts selected one client as the national winner. Both clients submitted simple photos, taken on a cell phone right after their hair appointments!

Our client, Kiesha, was selected as the overall winner. She won a trip for herself and a guest to visit Paris, France and have a haircolor service done in the city where haircolor was invented by L’Oreal Professionnel, and where their headquarters still reside. Kiesha’s stylist, Michelle Lindsay, won a trip to New York to attend a class at the LP Academy in Soho.

As luck would have it, Kiesha got engaged just before she won the trip. So she and her husband used the trip to Paris in Spring 2013 as their honeymoon. Here is what she had to say about the contest, and their adventures in Paris:

We had troubles getting out of Salt Lake airport and were delayed for an entire day but once we got there, we had an amazing time in Europe. The cities are very beautiful and the buildings are stunning. L’Oreal treated us very well by having a nice room ready for us when we arrived, giving me a bunch of free hair products, and arranging for us to go on a dinner river cruise, which was romantic and fun. 

Because of the airline delays, we weren't able to go into Notre Dame or visit the Eiffel Tower like we had planned, but we boarded the hop-on-hop-off buses and got to see a lot of tourist places. We also had a lock we bought and engraved while in the states and we had the opportunity to add it to the millions of locks on the lockbridge. After placing our lock on the bridge, we both kissed the key and threw it in the river. It was a fun experience.

The salon was very nice. It had a very modern feeling and the employees were nice. They offered us coffee and water and were very accommodating. There were only a couple of employees that spoke English, so the colorist who did my hair did not speak English and we do not speak French, but it worked out just fine. I am not sure exactly what colors they used but it turned out to be a red-dish brown color with dirty blonde streaks. They even washed Justin's hair while he was waiting for me. Once my hair color was complete, a girl blow dried my hair and curled it in the process. Afterward it looked amazing!

I was so grateful to have the opportunity to go to Paris. I would not have been able to do it without the help of Cultures Salon and my hair stylist. Michelle picked out the color we used for the contest submission and it couldn’t have been more perfect for me. It suits my personality and style very well. I am so thankful for my family, friends, co-workers, and also those that I don’t know who devoted their time to vote for me in the initial entry . It really means a lot to know I have a great support system be-hind me. Thank you!

(This article was previously published in our Fall/Winter 2013 salon newsletter. If you did not receive our newsletter by mail, please make sure we have an updated address for you on file.)

ABCH: Certifiably Great Haircolor

Several clients have noticed recent hair magazine ads which mention Michelle’s name and have asked what they are. The ads, placed in 25 national magazines by the American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH), list stylists in each state who have received a national certification in haircolor.

In April 2012, Michelle completed the requirements to become a nationally certified haircolorist. In her certification exam, where less than 50% of the applicants passed, Michelle received the highest score of all candidates in the Interactive portion,which assesses the colorists' ability to solve complex haircolor correction scenarios and present justification for their answers.

Andre Nizetich, president of ABCH and listed as #8 in the Top 40 Hair-colorists in America, had this to say about Michelle’s certification: "Michelle Lindsay is a skillful and competent haircolorist. Receiving the high score in the Interactive portion of the examination indicates her decision making qualities are exemplary. We are very proud of her accomplishments.”

What is a Board Certified Haircolorist? A Board Certified Haircolorist is an individual who has passed an intensive 3-part examination which consists of written, oral, and practical segments. This exam is the most stringent exam in the beauty industry and measures the competence of the applicant’s haircoloring skills.

What is the purpose for becoming certified? The purpose of certification is to recognize those individuals who have achieved a greater degree of competence among haircolorists. The title "Board Certified Master Haircolorist" is only awarded to professionals who exhibit outstanding knowledge of and proficiency in haircolor in accordance with standardized criteria.

What is the certifying body that administers the exam? The American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH). The ABCH is a non-profit corporation, and not affiliated with any haircolor manufacturers.

(This article was previously published in our Fall/Winter 2013 salon newsletter. If you did not receive our newsletter by mail, please make sure we have an updated address for you on file.)

Delicious Mocha Colors — Robust, Full-Bodied Tones Add Richness to Fall Haircolor

According to legend, the coffee-chocolate combination we call Mocha was first brewed in the very early 19th century. Mocha flavor has the ability to evoke the senses and conjures the taste of a creamy, chocolaty, robust flavor. But Mocha originally referenced a high-quality coffee bean, grown in the town of Mocha, Yemen, a port city on the Red Sea where coffee beans have been raised for centuries. These beans are renowned and desired for their distinctive flavor — just like the new Mocha Shades introduced this fall in our INOA color line.

With L’Oreal Professionel’s French Hairdressing tradition, each color and service is customized to the individual needs of each client. The specialized blend of tones, contained in INOA Mochas, can create a creamy, chocolaty, robust, mocha shade which is unique to each client. Mochas also provide a perfect balance of tone, which is ideal for the client wishing to transform their sun-faded hair into a rich, chocolate shade. The “full-bodied feeling” of Mocha colors creates the ideal shade for a summer to autumn transition. Want to try a new Mocha color this fall? Ask your stylist which shade would work best for you.

(This article was previously published in our Fall/Winter 2013 salon newsletter. If you did not receive our newsletter by mail, please make sure we have an updated address for you on file.)

Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce

Prep Time: 15 min
Total Time: 1 hr 15 min
Makes: 12 servings

12 slices cinnamon-raisin bread, cut into 1” cubes (about 8 cups)
1 can (15oz.) pumpkin 4 eggs
1 cup packed brown sugar 1 cup milk
1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice 1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup chopped pecans caramel ice cream topping

PREHEAT oven to 350°F. Place bread cubes in 13x9-inch baking dish sprayed with cooking spray. Beat eggs, milk, pumpkin,
sugar, pumpkin pie spice and vanilla with whisk until well blended. Pour evenly over bread. Sprinkle with nuts.

BAKE 45 min. or until knife inserted in center comes out clean.

DRIZZLE Warmed caramel ice cream topping over each serving.

TO PREPARE AHEAD: Assemble dessert as directed. Cover. Refrigerate several hours or overnight. When ready to serve, follow baking directions above.

(Photograph and recipe by Kraft Foods. See www.kraftrecipes.com for more.)
This recipe was previously published in our Fall/Winter 2013 salon newsletter. If you did not receive our newsletter by mail, please make sure we have an updated address for you on file.