#OnceIWasABeehive : Movie Hairstyles — Girls Camp to Glam

It's easy to go "from girls camp to glam" with these totally wearable styles from the Once I Was a Beehive movie. Just follow the simple steps below or click on each title to watch a video tutorial.

Faux Dutch Braid:
1. Prep hair with Next Day Hair
2. Divide into 3 ponytails and secure with clear bands
3. Braid each ponytail with medium tension and then secure
4. Loosen braids
5. Secure braids with bobby pins around head

Braided Bun:
1. Prep hair with Next Day Hair
2. Divide hair into two ponytails and secure
3. Prep ponytails with True Grip
4. Fishtail each ponytail and secure
5. Loosen braids
6. Wrap braids around ponytail base and secure with bobby pins

Messy Side Buns:
1. Prep hair with Beach Waves
2. Twist sections and dry product into hair
3. Part hair diagonally into two sections
4. Put each section into a messy bun using invisibobble (or hair elastic)
5. Arrange hair around the bun and tuck in loose pieces

Bubble Pony: (video not available)
1. Prep hair with Densite and dry into hair
2. Spray with Next Day Hair to add extra texture
3. Brush back and secure hair into ponytail on top of crown
4. Approximately two to three inches down the ponytail, wrap with another band
5. Continue down the length of the hair
6. Hold one strand at the bottom of the ponytail, slide ponytail up to create the bubbles

#OnceIWasABeehive: Movie Haircolor — Method to the Madness

Acting can take a toll on your hair. Often, the hair is thrashed. Over-processed and over-worked. My job is to make the actors look great, according to the project specifications. And it definitely makes my job more difficult if the hair has been damaged, or if roots are showing when they arrive on set.

Knowing this, I wanted to make sure when I did the haircolor for this movie, that it could last throughout the filming process. This was an independent film and the whole thing was shot in three weeks. We worked very long days. There was absolutely no time for color touch-ups during the filming process. So I needed to have a plan.

This was my master color plan and the thoughts behind it for this project...

Lisa: Her hair is in great condition. I do her color on a regular basis and it was easy to make her hair look good because she takes care of it. She uses professional shampoo and conditioner, and she does the treatments I send home with her. I broke her base with DIARichesse 15 vol. and balayaged her hair to give very natural highlights so it wouldn't be as noticeable if her roots started growing out during filming. I glazed Lisa's hair with DIAlight to seal the cuticle down and to add shine, so it would look great on camera. I used Olaplex on her hair and had Lisa use the take-home treatment too, just to make sure her hair would be strong and healthy, and so it would be easy to pull up and not get breakage. Her hair is naturally very fine. I also added clip-in extensions to give a little more fullness and glamour for the shots before she goes to camp. I thought it fit her role perfectly

Hailey: I did something very similar to her hair as I wanted her to look fantastic, but very natural. I broke her base with DIA and balayaged highlights. I also added lowlights because her ends were getting a little too light and the hair was losing dimension overall. Her natural curl was really fun to work with. Tecniart Perfect Texture worked great on her hair and made it super easy to style.

Paris: Her mother is a hairstylist, so Paris is not new to haircolor. She came
in with a slight ombre look and had highlights toward the ends of her hair. Maclain (the director) wanted her to look more naturally pretty, not glamour pretty, so we took her light brown hair to a darker and deeper color. I did various shades of mocha by DIA to give her natural looking color, not wig-like color, and so that it looked like it grew out of her own head. We also used Olaplex on her. I think it turned out gorgeous!

Claire:  She is a natural brunette and needed to be blonde so that she looked like Lisa's daughter. She was probably the most challenging because she had a lot going on in her hair already, and because I needed to do a major color change. Doing a major change could compromise her hair further and make it very difficult to style her hair on set each day. Also, another issue would be her roots. Taking her too light meant that the roots would be showing about a week into filming. (Did I mention that the scenes are not shot in order? On any given day we could be shooting anywhere in the timeline of the script, usually multiple timeline jumps per day.) I needed to make Claire's blonde believable, but not be so far off from her natural color that she would have horrid roots. I lifted up her natural a few shades, controlling the warmth with Majirel Cool Cover. Then I removed some previous color from her ends and balayaged the whole head. I used Olaplex, which made it possible to go lighter and fix the previous color. My process made the ends the lightest part, like nature would have it, but keep the roots a tad darker so the color would look better for a longer period of time. This also made the light blonde look as natural as possible against her skin tone.

Kaley:  She needed to be a red head. We colored her hair a deeper red, but when the director saw her, he said she looked too sexy and that she needed to look more nerdy. Hah! We ended up lightening it all up and making her a more vibrant copper. I thought she look fantastic! I don't know if I would call it nerdy, but I loved that color on her. Once we removed/lightened out some of the other red, we glazed it all with DIA copper. (Photo by @kaleymccormack)

Audrey: She had a good base for her color, but needed something a
little more edgy. I freshened up her already ombre hair with DIARichesse and DIAlight, then I added some blue extensions to give her more of an edge. I chose extensions because they would be less damaging to her previously compromised hair (Olaplex to the rescue, again), and also because we wouldn't have to worry about the blue tone fading during filming.

Zoe: Her hair had streaks of blonde and red when we started, with some of her natural brown. We wanted her to look natural, since it suits her character to not look like she colors her hair. But we wanted the natural looking color to flatter her skin tone. We did an all-over, rich brunette color with DIARichesse, and Olaplex.

That was my thought process behind the color for this project. The women were all so naturally beautiful already (isn't it great working with actresses?!), so they probably could have made any color look great. But I think their haircolor suited them and the project needs, and we didn't have to do any mid-filming touch ups. For specific formulas, please contact me by email: info@culturessalon.com

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Summer Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Skin care for sensitive skin can be tricky regardless of the season, but summer poses some unique challenges. When skin becomes irritated, invisible inflammation sets in, encouraging the production of free radicals that can actually cause wrinkles and skin-aging. That's why it's so important to use the best cleanser for sensitive skin and find the right products for sensitive skin. Skin irritation in the summer is common, due to a variety of different issues, which makes sensitive skin care a crucial part of your summer routine. Let's break down exactly why skin tends to be more sensitive in the summer and what you can do about it.

UV Rays
Everyone knows that skin redness caused by a sunburn is bad, but what some people don't realize is that simply tanning is extremely damaging to the skin. Even a slight tanning color of the skin is a sign of injury. Exposing your skin to UV rays without proper protection weakens the structure of the skin, causing lines, wrinkles, sagging and stretched pores, and it can make your skin more sensitive in the future. 90% of your skin's signs of aging are a direct result of the sun. So always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen and stay in the shade when you can!

Chlorine is one of the biggest summer irritants for skin. Even if you don't frequent the neighborhood pool often, minimal contact with chlorine can leave your skin dry and flaky. No matter what skin type you have, always cleanse after coming into contact with chlorine. It can seep into your pores and cause irritation and dryness, so it's important to find the right cleanser like Bioelements Sensitive Skin Cleanser [available at Cultures Salon]. After washing off the chlorine, make sure to moisturize in order to treat your skin and prevent further irritation.

We all sweat more in the summer; there's just no getting around this issue. The act of sweating is actually good for us, because it pushes impurities and bacteria out of your pores. However, if you let it sit on the skin for any prolonged period of time, the bacteria can get re-absorbed back into your skin and cause breakouts, excess oil, inflammation and dehydration. The right cleansing oil formula will gently cleanse away this pore-clogging sweat, and it will bind your skin's oil and impurities.

Ineffective Sunscreen
It's shocking how often people choose the wrong sunscreen. Above all, make sure to choose a formula that's labeled "broad spectrum" -- that's the only way to ensure you're protected against burning UVB and UVA rays. It's crucial to choose the right sensitive skin care products, especially when it comes to sunscreen. Double check to make sure it doesn't contain artificial colorants, synthetic fragrance, parabens, DEA, phthalates or harsh irritants and that it's been dermatologist and clinically tested to be non-irritating, like Bioelements broad spectrum sunscreens [available at Cultures Salon]. And it's crucial that you apply the right amount, and apply it often enough. A whole shot glass (about 1 ounce) should be used on all exposed areas of the face and body, with a pea sized amount for the face alone. And re-apply every 2 hours when exposed to the sun.

If you have any questions or are interested in more skin care for sensitive skin, leave a comment below or contact us directly.
(This blog was originally written by Teresa Stenzel for Bioelements Professional Skin Care.)